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Image by Engin Akyurt from Sijuk is a very old village in Belitung. It was a town of trade center where a great number of merchants from different places, islands or countries went there to make money long time ago. It is said that Admiral Cheng Ho of Ming Dynasty ever cast anchor at the river of Sijuk. It’s undoubtedly that Sijuk Town was quite well known in ancient days. It’s about 33 kilometers from Tanjung Pandan and is very convenient to go there by car or motorcycle or even bicycle if you like cycling.  The scenery is so beautiful along the way that you can hardly see in a big city. Whenever you reached the iron bridge, you’ll see an old temple a few meters from the roadside. It is the temple of the Lord of Land and Prosperity and it was built in 1815. However, this ancient temple has been renovated and it doesn’t look like an old temple anymore. According to the legend, the Lord of Land and Prosperity was a king named Thio Hok Tek. When he ruled his c


Photo: There was once a Koranic reading and traditional self defence arts teacher called Tuk Solop. He was an old man with luxuriant white beard. When he walked, he usually needed a walking stick which had been given by his late master. He was a holy man who was well known throughout the country. He was very humble even though he possessed the divine power and a good knowledge of Koran. He was very courteous in conversation. He loved the young and respected the old. He had a lot of disciples from all over the country. However, there was no one came to him and wished to be his disciple after the seventh full moon of that year. He was quite alone as all his disciples who passed the test had gone. In the meantime, there was a young man called Katung Swordsman who lived in Serimba village not far from Solop beach. He was very capable in martial arts and his double blade dagger was able to produce the thunder-like noise


Photo: Long ago, on the coastal area of Riau Province, there lived a poor young man called Awang Garang. He was a fisherman who fished at the seashore. He hoped one day he would be King of the sea. As he was too anxious to make his dream come true, he changed his job and worked as a cook on a sailing ship. Though he didn’t get paid, he was happy to be able to sail through the straits in the waters of Segantung Lada islands. One day, the Sultan of Riau ordered the Datuks (persons of high position) and the spiritualists to build a warship. The Sultan entrusted the duty to seven Datuks and spiritualists from Temiang, Moro Sulit, Sugi, Bulang, Pekaka, Sekanan and Mepar regions. Awang Garang was also trusted to take part in that work. The agreement was signed on a small island which lies between Bulang Rempang and Bintan Island. It was unlikely that the warship would be completely built. The wooden materials had been