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  Image by Once there lived a princess called Purbasari. She was Prabu Tapa Agung’s youngest daughter and Prabu Tapa himself was the ruler of Pasir Batang Kingdom. Purbasari had six elder sisters; they were Purbararang, Purbadewata, Purbaendah, Purbakancana, Purbamanik and Purbaleuih. Princess Purbasari was kindhearted and had a very good manner. She was kind, sweet and liked helping others. She would undoubtedly stretch out a hand of mercy to the people who needed help. Princess Purbasari had a pleasing appearance. Everyone liked her at the first sight as if her body produced a magnetic field that attracted people around her. On the contrary, her elder sister, Purbararang, didn’t possess such a virtue. Though Purbararang was pretty, she was very rude, proud, evil and jealous. If she disliked a person, she would surely ask her bodyguards to get that person out of her sight. Prabu Tapa Agung decided to step down from t