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  Image by Ryan Mcguire from Pixabay Long ago, there was a big kingdom in Sumidang, south Sumatra. Serunting was the prince living in the palace. He was eaten up with jealousy whenever he saw people living a good life and bought luxuries. Prince Serunting already got married and his brother in law was Aria Tebing. Each had a paddy field. Their paddy fields were side by side and only separated by growing trees. There were mushrooms growing at the base of the trees. The mushrooms that were in Arie Tebing’s area grew into gold. However, the mushrooms growing in Serunting’s location were all useless parasites. Serunting was so jealous and he had a bad opinion of Aria Tebing. He was sure that Aria Tebing had done something evil, which caused the mushrooms growing in his area became invaluable. Serunting came to meet Aria Tebing the next day. He had an ill feeling towards his brother in law and Aria Tebing was challenged to a duel. “I didn’t do anything wrong,” said Aria Tebing. Serunting in