Burung Mandi Temple is also called the Temple of the Goddess of Compassion and it is located in Burung Mandi village, Damar subdistrict, East Belitung Regency. It is around 70 km from H.A.S Hanandjoeddin International Airport.

Burung Mandi Temple was founded in 1747 and it’s the sacred place for pilgrims to worship. It stands at the height of 200 meters on a very big rock and faces the sea magnificently.

It is usually very crowded on the 1st and 15th of the lunar calendar. Young and old people bring joss sticks, fake money, flowers and fruits in their baskets. They come to pray for good fortune and a peaceful life. They do hope that the Goddess of Compassion will grant all their wishes, so that they can make a lot of money.

According to the folklore, an angler discovered a bodhisattva statue while he was walking on the beach. The statue was half buried in the sand and the angler picked it up and washed all the mud covering its body. He was in doubt whether to throw it in the sea or r…


There is an archeological site called Gunung Kawi in Bali. It is different from the Gunung Kawi temple in Malang, Java Island. The Balinese Gunung Kawi is situated in Tampaksiring village. In olden days, the Central Government of Bali kingdom was also located in Tampaksiring.
Gunung Kawi isn’t the name of a mountain in Bali, but it is one of the cultural heritages where everybody can have a close look at the outstanding collection of ancient shrines carved into the surface of the cliff.
Besides the unique rock cut architecture, there’re a number of caves which are believed to be the ideal places for meditation. Only a few spiritual gurus or fakirs have ever reached the state of enlightenment. They’re free from all the sufferings of the world and will never be back to samsara.
This historical site was founded in 11th century during the reign of King Udayana. It was first discovered by a Dutch researcher in 1920. According to the folklore, this Gunung Kawi was built by a giant called K…


The proverb says, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” We need recreation after a long period of hard work. Some people like driving their cars out of the city where they can admire the beautiful scenery with their families. The splendor of a mountain range that extends miles away like the shape of a dragon is good enough to attract your attention.
Visiting a waterfall on vacation can be so glad and full of the joys. There’re also a lot of benefits which are good for your health. The thunderous falling water produces negative ions which bring a great number of advantages to the environment.
Negative ions can clean the polluted air, dust, viruses and bacteria. Inhaling fresh air by the waterfall makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. It’s a good idea to release tension and physical fatigue by taking a bath at the waterfall lake. It is a kind of natural therapy which will make you look younger and lengthen your lifespan.
Mayung Putek waterfall is located in Bilok Petung village,…


When you are in Rome do as the Romans do. Different places have different customs. The Almighty is a great designer and has created a great number of different things. Therefore, the world won’t be too monotonous. Knowing other cultures can add more colors to a person’s life.
One of the famous tourist attractions which is well known for its uniqueness is Trunyan village. In this oldest village, the way villagers take care of the corpses of their family members is so weird.
The Balinese have the tradition to cremate human remains, so that the souls will be able to obtain a better life and live in heaven. However, Trunyan village has its own way to handle the dead.
In Trunyan village, the deceased are laid in a special location called seme wayah (old cemetery). Though all the corpses are left in the open air, none of them gives off putrid smell. It’s unbelievable that no chemical substances were applied beforehand.
You may go to that traditional cemetery by land, but it is too risky as the …


Belitung Island is not only well-known for its beauty of nature but also the historical remains that most archaeologists are willing to see. There are still a great amount of mysteries of those sites which will be very interesting for experts to explore.
There is the remains of a fortress at Kenupuk hill (Gunong Kenupuk) in Kelekak Usang small village. Nobody cares about this historical ruins and it is in the state of decay. If you work at the nearby oil palm plantation, you’ll often see the locals taking some tourists to visit this site.
According to Mr. Salim Yan Albert Hoogstad, it is a fortress gateway and was built hundreds of years ago. It is about four kilometers from the mouth of Cerucuk River.
Cerucuk River was the important trade route during the Dutch occupation. At that time, the fortress was the entrance to Belitung Island. There was no sign of the remains of kampong from that era and what you can see are bushes and an old banyan tree at the location.
The location of the…


I have visited Bogor Botanical Gardens several times and it is indeed a nice place for picnic. There are a large number of old trees which have lived for hundreds of years. Although the sun shines brightly, the visitors still feel so cool and comfortable. People go there for recreation and walk around to relax themselves.
The Bogor Botanical Garderns is beautifully situated in Bogor and it covers an area of 87 hectares. It is a habitat of different species of trees and plants.
It was officially launched by the Dutch governor, GAGP Van Der Capellen in 1817. It provides valuable information for education and scientific researches. It has 15,000 different kinds of trees and plants and 50 species of birds and bats.
Some locations in the botanical gardens give a creepy impression and therefore many visitors avoid staying there too long. There’re still a lot of superstitious people who believe in ghosts.
Ratu Galuh’s grave There is a very creepy old grave in the botanical gardens. A young man l…


Buyung Rock (Batu Buyung) is located at the end of the south of Belitung Island. It is 110 kilometers from Tanjung Pandan and it can be reached by car or motorcycle. It is one of the tourist attractions that most tourists like to visit.

Batu Buyung is a round and big rock. It has a unique shape and lies on another big flat surface rock. The locals say that it has a miraculous magic power. A lot of people went there to pray for lottery numbers in the era of New Order where state-owned lottery was still legal. They hoped they would be lucky enough to win a lot of money.

It is said that the shape of Buyung rock was as small as a baby’s head when Majapahit Kingdom was in power.

One day, a troop of Majapahit soldiers discovered a new island during a mission of territorial expansion. All the soldiers and workers on the warship were mesmerized by the beauty of that island. They stopped working and began to keep an eye on it, but weren’t brave enough to set foot on that mysterious island imm…