Whenever you go to Belitung Island, it is a good idea to visit an old museum located at no A41, Melati Road in Tanjung Pandan town. It isn’t a big museum, but it exhibits a great number of archaeological objects that have immense historical and cultural values.

While you set foot in the museum, you’re welcome by a giant taxidermy arapaima and crocodile. This freshwater fish and estuarine crocodile live in the rivers of Belitung Island.

In the inner room, there are the collections of weapons left by the Dutch and Japanese soldiers. They’re the samurai swords, riffles, handguns, shotguns, etc. The authentic samurai sword that was made in 1514 is one of the oldest weapons in this museum.

Besides the weapons left by the colonizers, there is the collection of weapons left by the kingdoms of Belitung Island. This collection consists of wavy blade daggers, spears and machetes.

Tools used by ancient people, such as clothes irons, cups and betel nut baskets are kept in the other room. Househo…


Prambanan is one of the largest Hindu temples in Indonesia. Nobody knows exactly when and by whom the temple was founded. It is strongly believed that the temple was built by King Balitung Maha Sambu of Wangsa Sanjaya dynasty. The assumption is based on the Syiwagrha inscription that was discovered at the location of Prambanan temple. The inscription, which has the year mark of 778 Saka (856 AD), was created in the reign of King Rakai Pikatan.

In those days, Prambanan was the grand temple where important and religious ceremonies were held. Hundreds of monks and their disciples studied Vedas at this magnificent temple.

Mpu Sindok, the king of Medang Mataram, moved the capital city to East Java in 930 AD. Therefore, Prambanan temple was abandoned and forgotten.

After the capital city was moved, Prambanan temple lacked maintenance and it became progressively worse. Besides, the earthquake also ruined the temple. In 16th century, a horrifying earthquake really made the temple collapse. A…


Lengkuas is a small island located near Tanjung Binga, the Fishery Village of Belitung regency. It is one of the famous tourist destinations and people usually go there for recreation.

Lengkuas Island is only one hectare in size. There are granite boulders in various shapes that look like strange creatures, which can be reached by walking through the one meter shallow water. The granite boulders are so unique that you can hardly find in other places.

The most attractive thing to me is an old lighthouse that was built in Dutch colonial era in 1882. The lighthouse still functions well though it has already been 137 years since it was built.

The sea water is so clean and it is very suitable for snorkeling or scuba diving. Seashells can be found on the sand beach, which are very tasty and well liked by most people.

Geographically, Lengkuas Island is located at the north of Tanjung Kelayang beach. The outstanding panorama and clean environment attracts a lot of people from big cities, whe…


There’s a small island in Belitung Regency, which has become the destination of domestic and international tourists. It isn’t too far from the coast of Tanjung Pandan Town.

If you sit on Tanjung Pendam beach at sunset, you can clearly see the Kalimuak Island without the help of binoculars.

You should hire a motorboat to cross the sea and it needs only 30 minutes to arrive at Kalimuak Island. It’s so enjoyable to sail on the water while the weather is fine and the sea is calm.

If you’re at the community forest of Juru Seberang, you can go to Kalimuak on foot while it is low tide. When the sea water is getting higher, you should leave the island and go back as soon as possible.

At the time you set foot on the harbor of the small island, you’ll see a Chinese style gate. On the right of the gate, there’s a gazebo with table and chairs.

Visitors can walk on stone steps that lead them to the top of the hill, where there’s a white pavilion-like building with mosquito net.

A cylindrical conc…


Besides Borobudur and Mendut, Pawon temple is one of the precious relics in Magelang Regency, Central Java.

Pawon temple is quite small and it is situated in the settlement area of the village. According to some sources of information, this temple was built in the 8th century.

In the days of ancient Mataram kingdom, Pawon temple still functioned as the sacred place of worship. Nowadays, it still takes part in Vesak festival.

In old Javanese language, pawon means ash. People say that this temple was used for keeping the ashes of king Indra, his ancestors and king Samaratungga in Syailendra dynasty.

The temple that is also called Brajanalan is considered to be the place for keeping the thunder god’s weapon. Brajanalan is the Sanskrit word and has become the name of the village where Pawon temple is situated in.

Pawon temple was built in the combination of Javanese Hinduism and Indian architectural style.  It sits on a 1.5 m flat raised area magnificently.

Just like most of the temples…


Mendut is a 19th century Buddhist temple that is quite popular in Indonesia. It is about three kilometers from Borobudur temple.

The name Mendut is derived from the word Venuvana that means a temple in the bamboo forest.

Mendut temple was built in the reign of king Indra of Syailendra dynasty in 824 AD. In the Karang Tengah inscription, King Indra built a sacred building named Venuvana that means bamboo forest. Venuvana was interpreted as Mendut Temple by J.G. de Casparis.

When it was first discovered in 1836, the entire structure was still in its original shape except the missing roof. No one knows where the roof has gone.

The Dutch authorities started the restoration in 1897 and ended in 1904. The first restoration was far from perfect. However, it succeeded in reconstructing the foundation and the body of the temple.

The restoration work was continued by Van Erp in 1908. Van Erp led the reconstruction of perfecting the roof, repairing the stupas and the upper part of the temple. …


The Rat Temple is a very special temple because the water and its bricks have a magic power that is able to drive rats and mice away and predicts the approach of the rainy season.

It is located in Temon village, Trowulan subdistrict and it’s about 13 kilometers from the south of Mojokerto city.

It’s around 600 meters from Bajangratu temple. While you reach the main road of Mojokerto-Jombang, turn east and pass Segaran pool. The Rat temple is on the left side of the road.

The Rat Temple was discovered in 1914 after being buried in the ground for centuries. The villagers reported to the regent that they suffered a severe rat attack. They found that all the rats came from a large mound of earth.

After the mound was removed, the villagers saw an ancient temple in the ground and they named it The Rat Temple.

A lot of farmers come to the Rat Temple for water because they believe that it has the efficacy of eliminating rat plague at their paddy fields. Most people say that prevention is bet…