There was once a Koranic reading and traditional self defense arts teacher called Tuk Solop. He was an old man with luxuriant white beard. When he walked, he usually needed a walking stick which had been given by his late master. He was a holy man who was well known throughout the country.

He was very humble even though he possessed the divine power and a good knowledge of Koran. He was very courteous in conversation. He loved the young and respected the old. He had a lot of disciples from all over the country.

However, there was no one came to him and wished to be his disciple after the seventh full moon of that year. He was quite alone as all his disciples who passed the test had gone.

In the meantime, there was a young man called Katung Swordsman who lived in Serimba village not far from Solop beach. He was very capable in martial arts and his double blade dagger was able to produce the thunder-like noise and flash lightning. His body was invulnerable to all kinds of weapons. He…


Long ago, on the coastal area of Riau Province, there lived a poor young man called Awang Garang. He was a fisherman who fished at the seashore. He hoped one day he would be King of the sea. As he was too anxious to make his dream come true, he changed his job and worked as a cook on a sailing ship. Though he didn’t get paid, he was happy to be able to sail through the straits in the waters of Segantung Lada islands.

One day, the Sultan of Riau ordered the Datuks (persons of high position) and the spiritualists to build a warship. The Sultan entrusted the duty to seven Datuks and spiritualists from Temiang, Moro Sulit, Sugi, Bulang, Pekaka, Sekanan and Mepar regions. Awang Garang was also trusted to take part in that work. The agreement was signed on a small island which lies between Bulang Rempang and Bintan Island.

It was unlikely that the warship would be completely built. The wooden materials had been changed several times, yet it still didn’t bear any satisfactory result.

The …


There’s an old tomb at the foot of Mount Tajam and it is about 300 meters from Parit Gunong village. It’s the tomb of Saint Tuk Kundo who was one of the disciples of Syekh Said Husein Abdullah (the preacher who introduced Islamic religion on Belitung Island).

When Tuk Kundo arrived in that village, the villagers there were still animists. They hunted deer, boars, birds and monkeys for a living. Tuk Kundo began to give sermons to people for Islamic religion. He proved to be the best Moslem preacher who had successfully done his duties.

Tuk Kundo lived in Mak Gadog’s hut, a widow who had a grown up daughter. One day, a marriage proposal reached their address and was gladly accepted by Mak Gadog. She prepared everything for her daughter’s marriage that would be celebrated after the harvest at the end of the year.

Mak Gadog had plenty of rice, and what she should provide were the vegetables and meat for the guests. She asked Tuk Kundo to accompany her to catch fish with tekalak (a kind o…


There was once a married couple who lived in Nanga village near Beluru Mountain.  Pak Inda (husband) and Bu Tumina (wife) didn’t have kid but they lived happily and earned their living by cultivating their land for farming. They grew upland rice, vegetables, maize, carrots, etc. Pak Inda was a hardworking man and he often went to the seashore to fish.

When the harvest came, Pak inda told his wife to dry the rice in the sun by herself, because he wanted to go to take a look at his fish trap.

It was low tide when he reached the seashore and he stumbled over a bamboo cane. He picked up the cane and threw it away with all his strength. While he was walking closer to his fish trap, he felt that something touched his foot. He saw it was the bamboo cane that he had thrown away. As he didn’t need any bamboo, he left it behind and started doing his work. It was full of fish in his fish trap. He fastened all the fish with rattans and put them in his big basket. As his basket was full, he had t…


There was once a big family living at the foot of Mount Tajam (Gunung Tajam). The climate was warm and rainy and the land was fertile. They got up early and grew vegetables in the garden or went fishing by the river. They took their rest at the riverbank and sang joyfully at sunset. After dinner, the children sat in front of the house and told stories to one another. They lived happily and undisturbed.

Tuk Burod was one of the sons in law who was very lazy. He didn’t work and often went to seek pleasure. He liked alcoholic drinks and slept after he got drunk. His father in law was quite upset and advised him to be more diligent. Tuk Burod didn’t take any notice of what the old man said. It seemed that it was too hard for him to change his bad habit.

While the dry season was getting closer to its end, the villagers began cutting trees in the forest for planting rice in the rainy season. The old man divided the areas equally. Each of his sons in law got two hectares and should be well cu…


One of the ideal places to spend our holidays is the zoo. Parents tend to take their children to the zoological garden where they can see a great number of beautiful and attractive animals. Walking on the pathway in the shade of the trees is a good physical exercise, which gives a lot of benefits to our health.

Ragunan Zoo is located in Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta. It covers the area of 140 hectares and has a collection of wild animal specimens. It’s the first zoological garden in Indonesia and was founded under the name Planten En Dierentuin in 1864. At that time, the zoo was under the management of the Batavia Wildlife Lovers Association.

In 1949, the name Planten En Dierentuin was changed to Cikini Zoo and it was moved to Ragunan, Pasar Minggu subdistrict, South Jakarta City.

Ragunan Zoo was officially launched by Major General Ali Sadikin, the Governor of the Special Capital Region of Jakarta on 22nd June 1966, under the name Taman Margasatwa Ragunan (Ragunan Zoological Garden.)


Burung Mandi Temple is also called the Temple of the Goddess of Compassion and it is located in Burung Mandi village, Damar subdistrict, East Belitung Regency. It is around 70 km from H.A.S Hanandjoeddin International Airport.

Burung Mandi Temple was founded in 1747 and it’s the sacred place for pilgrims to worship. It stands at the height of 200 meters on a very big rock and faces the sea magnificently.

It is usually very crowded on the 1st and 15th of the lunar calendar. Young and old people bring joss sticks, fake money, flowers and fruits in their baskets. They come to pray for good fortune and a peaceful life. They do hope that the Goddess of Compassion will grant all their wishes, so that they can make a lot of money.

According to the folklore, an angler discovered a bodhisattva statue while he was walking on the beach. The statue was half buried in the sand and the angler picked it up and washed all the mud covering its body. He was in doubt whether to throw it in the sea or r…