Mount Bromo is one of the famous tourist destinations in Java Island. Though it is still an active volcano, a great number of tourists come to spend their vacations every year.
The volcano belongs to Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. The National Park, which is 800 square kilometers in size, covers the area of Mount Bromo and Mount Semeru.

The mountain is famous for its sunrise and tourists should go up the peak to have a wonderful view of the surroundings. If you stay in a hotel, the room boy will wake you up at two o’clock in the morning. It’s advisable to prepare everything you need before hiking.

Hikers will notice a streak appears in the east and gradually rises up to form a red fireball. When the sun rises, it gives light to all of us without any discrimination. All the creatures are filled with new energy to start a new life in the morning.

The crater of Mount Bromo has the diameter of around 800 meters. The smell of sulfur is so strong while reaching the crater. There’re 250 st…


Lake Sentani is one of the biggest lakes on Papua Island. The lake is situated in the Cycloop Nature Reserve and has the size of 9,360 hectares. It is 75 meters above sea level. There’re a great number of marine biotas and Papuan endemic animals.

30 species of fresh water fish are found in the lake. Some are the endemic of Lake Sentani, such as Sentani Rainbow Fish, snakehead fish and sawfish.

Lake Sentani is located 20 kilometers west of Jayapura. The public transport is convenient and travelers can also drive their cars to the destination. It is an ideal place for swimming, diving, waterskiing and fishing.

You can rent a boat if you want to travel around the small islands in this lake. Agapo is the most visited island. On the island, there’re a lot of artists who draw special motifs on bark clothes.

The Lake Sentani Festival usually attracts many tourists and it is celebrated on June 19 each year. It’s a kind of cultural preservation, which shows the harmony and unity of the inhabitants…


Wae Rebo is a very small village located at the height of 1,200 meters above sea level. It has an immense historical value and won the UNESCO Asia Pacific Awards of Excellence for Cultural Heritage Conservation in 2012. The scenery is amazingly wonderful and it looks like a hamlet in the clouds.
Tourists should spend at least four hours to drive on a seven kilometer mountain road. It’s fun to travel on a curvy and sloppy road. While the travelers are on their way, they’re so happy to enjoy seeing beautiful things in the awesome rural area. However, the best way to explore countryside is on foot.

You need to go to Labuan Bajo before going to Wae Rebo village. Usually, it takes a three-hour flight from Jakarta to Labuan Bajo. You can fly with Garuda Indonesia Airways or Batik Air.

Tourists can stay in a hotel for a rest. There’re a lot of options to choose, from the cheapest to the Five Star hotels. After refreshing yourself with delicious food and coffee, it’s time to go to Ruteng.

You can…


Wakatobi National Marine Park is one of the most beautiful underwater paradises in the world. It is located in Wakatobi Regency, Southeast Sulawesi Province. It is also a tourist destination and undersea explorers do a lot of exploration there.

Wangi-Wangi is the principal town of Wakatobi Regency and it’s the gateway to the underwater nirvana. Wangi-Wangi, Kalidupa, Tomia and Binongko are the main islands of this regency.

Wakatobi is the abbreviation of the collective names of the four main islands. The archipelago was called the Islands of Blacksmith before December 18, 2003 and was still a part of Buton Regency. Nowadays, people can still meet the blacksmiths living in that region.

Astronomically, Wakatobi Regency is situated south of the equator. It has dry and wet seasons and the temperature is about 18 - 35 degrees Celsius. It is so warm and it’s like spring all the year round.

Wakatobi National Marine Park was officially launched in 1996 and it covers the area of 1.39 million hec…


Raja Ampat is the regency of West Papua Province and it’s literally means the Four Kings. We have to set foot in Sorong town before we reach Raja Empat islands.

The tourists usually go there by plane. After arriving at Sorong, they take the express ship that operates twice a day to Waisai, the principal town of Raja Ampat Regency. It’s only a 2 to 3 hour journey from Sorong to Waisai harbor.

Raja Ampat is a group of coral islands and it has four biggest islands. The Waigeo, Batanta, Salawati and Misool are the main islands. Most of the islanders living in the islands of Raja Ampat are fishermen.

The waters of Raja Ampat is the main beauty and it is one of the best in the world. It is based on the observations of the riches of flora and fauna and its marine sustainability.

An international conservation organization has stated that the waters of Raja Ampat owns around 75% of marine species of the world. Moreover, the land and sea of Raja Ampat, which covers the area of 4.6 million hectares,…


There’s a beautiful lake in the middle of Kakaban Island. This is a very unique lake that has its own attractiveness. Millions of stingless jellyfish live in this 390 ha brackish water.

Four species of jellyfish have been trapped in this marine lake for millions of years and they’ve evolved in isolation. As there aren’t any predators in the lake, the jellyfish have gradually lost their ability to sting.

You can only find this endemic biota on Kakaban Island, East Kalimantan and Palau Island, Micronesia. There are moon, box, upside down and silly jellyfish altogether. The silly jellyfish that has the combination of transparent and brown color dominates the lake.

You are allowed to swim and touch the jellyfish. Don’t use swim fin because you might tear the jellyfish’s bodies. Jumping into the water from the wooden dock will hurt the jellyfish too. The jellyfish can’t survive without water, so release it the sooner the better after you take it out of the water.

Besides jellyfish, you ca…


The root bridge in West Sumatra is a most visited tourist attraction. It is made from bamboo wood and is wrapped by the roots of the banyan trees that grow on the either side of the river.

It is 25 meters long and has reached the age of 100 years. It’s so fascinating and is the truly unique bridge in Indonesia. Perhaps, the most regretful thing in life is that someone doesn’t have the opportunity to pay a visit to this wonderful place.

The bridge is situated in Pulut-pulut village and is 24 kilometers from Painan. You need to take an 80 kilometer journey if you go from Padang and pass Teluk Bayur.

The locals call the root bridge Titian Aka. A lot of tourists come to see this awesome bridge and each of them should pay the entrance fee. The bridge stretches from Pulut-pulut to Lubuk Silau village over the Batang Bayang River.

This hundred year old bridge is considered sacred. Three days before the month of Ramadan, the locals come to take a bath with lime juice. This is the old traditi…