Seminyak is one of the most favorable tropical beaches in the world. It is located on Bali Island and people usually go there on weekends. It is indeed an ideal location for tourists to spend their vacations with family members, friends and relatives.

The locals also call it Dhyanapura Beach and it is quitter than other beaches in Bali. Some people like a quiet place to sit and admire the beautiful view of nature. Sometimes, it’s comfortable to stay at an uncrowned place.

While you’re traveling to Seminyak Beach, you’ll find that there’re a lot of street vendors selling food and drink. That location is called the Eating Street as most tourists are fond of eating food at the roadside. It has another sensation to eat outdoors while the weather is fine.

Seminyak Beach is famous for its white and clean sand. It is so enjoyable to put off our sandals and walk barefoot along the beach. It stimulates the reflex points on the sole and that’s why ancient people were healthier.

The shape of the coa…


Once there lived a well respected couple in Bali. They didn't have any children, though they got married for a long time. The couple prayed to Sang Hyang Widi Wasa day and night. They hoped that the god would grant their request, so they could have a baby.

Eventually, the wife was pregnant and bore a baby boy a few months later.

It was strange that the baby boy grew extremely fast. He had a strong appetite and ate four or five plates of food every day. His body became very big and tall. That was why everybody called him Kebo Iwa, which meant Uncle Buffalo.

After he grew up, he was as tall as a hill and his strength was as furious as the hurricane. He was known as the destroyer. Whenever he was angry, he ruined every single thing around him easily.

He would destroy the houses in the village while he lost his temper. However, he was glad to help villagers build houses, temples, dig well for water or cultivate rice fields when he wasn't angry.

Kebo Iwa never asked for payment but he …


Long ago, there lived a widow and her daughter on a hill far away from the village. Life was hard and they could only life from hand to mouth.

The daughter was pretty and she was very proud of herself. However, she was lazy and never helped her mother do the housework.

Not only was she lazy, but she was a spoiled brat as well. She often asked her mom to buy expensive clothes and didn't care that her mother had to work very hard to make money. She often refused when her mom asked her to go to the rice field together.

One day, the widow wanted her daughter to accompany her to the market. It was a long way and they should walk for hours.

The daughter walked in front of her mother and wore nice clothes. Everyone couldn't help looking at her and praised that she was charming.

The widow walked behind her daughter, carrying a big vegetable basket on her back and dressed like a housemaid.

As they lived far away from the village, nobody knew their lifestyle. Some young guys approached the …


Once upon a time, there lived two beautiful princesses in Daha kingdom. One was Candra Kirana and the other was Dewi Galuh. The two princesses lived a wealthy and joyful life.

One day, a prince from Kahuripan came to visit. The handsome prince’s name was Raden Inu Kertapati. He came to propose Princess Candra Kirana and he was gladly welcome by the king of Daha. Finally, the prince and the princess got engaged.

Princess Dewi Galuh was very jealous as she thought she was more qualified than her sister. Later, she paid an old witch to transform her sister into an ugly creature. The witch cast a spell over Princess Candra Kirana and turned her into a golden snail. The witch then threw the golden snail in the river.

A few days later, an old woman was catching fish by the river and the golden snail was caught inside the fishing net. The woman brought the snail home and kept it in a jar.

The next day, the old woman went to the river again but she caught nothing and retuned sadly. When she arriv…


Long ago, there lived a young man called Penyumpit in a village in Bangka-Belitung. He lived in a little house left by his parents. His father often borrowed money from Pak Raje the village head when he was alive.

Pak Raje was a rich man but he was very cunning and stingy. The debts of Penyumpit’s father had never been paid off because Pak Raje always raised the interest rates. Though both the parents already passed away, Pak Raje never legally declared the debts void.

Penyumpit should pay his late father’s debts by taking care of Pak Raje’s rice field. As the harvest was coming, Penyumpit should safeguard the rice field day and night.

Pak Raje would fine him if the rice field got damaged. This was what Pak Raje told Penyumpit before going to the rice field. In fact, Pak Raje knew it was very likely that wild pigs would enter the paddy field and ate the crop.

When the harvest came, Penyumpit had to cut and gather the crop in the daytime and he should keep an eye out for the boars at nigh…


Mount Bromo is one of the famous tourist destinations in Java Island. Though it is still an active volcano, a great number of tourists come to spend their vacations every year.
The volcano belongs to Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. The National Park, which is 800 square kilometers in size, covers the area of Mount Bromo and Mount Semeru.

The mountain is famous for its sunrise and tourists should go up the peak to have a wonderful view of the surroundings. If you stay in a hotel, the room boy will wake you up at two o’clock in the morning. It’s advisable to prepare everything you need before hiking.

Hikers will notice a streak appears in the east and gradually rises up to form a red fireball. When the sun rises, it gives light to all of us without any discrimination. All the creatures are filled with new energy to start a new life in the morning.

The crater of Mount Bromo has the diameter of around 800 meters. The smell of sulfur is so strong while reaching the crater. There’re 250 st…


Lake Sentani is one of the biggest lakes on Papua Island. The lake is situated in the Cycloop Nature Reserve and has the size of 9,360 hectares. It is 75 meters above sea level. There’re a great number of marine biotas and Papuan endemic animals.

30 species of fresh water fish are found in the lake. Some are the endemic of Lake Sentani, such as Sentani Rainbow Fish, snakehead fish and sawfish.

Lake Sentani is located 20 kilometers west of Jayapura. The public transport is convenient and travelers can also drive their cars to the destination. It is an ideal place for swimming, diving, waterskiing and fishing.

You can rent a boat if you want to travel around the small islands in this lake. Agapo is the most visited island. On the island, there’re a lot of artists who draw special motifs on bark clothes.

The Lake Sentani Festival usually attracts many tourists and it is celebrated on June 19 each year. It’s a kind of cultural preservation, which shows the harmony and unity of the inhabitants…