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The journey to Goa Londa

  Image by: Michael Gunther - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Goa Londa (Londa Cave) is one of the popular tourist destinations in Tana Toraja. There are a lot of graves inside the cave. We can see many coffins stored in the cave and some are hung at the cliff. The sacred cave is about 7-8 kilometers north of Rantepao. It's about 15 minutes if we go by cars. In fact, public transportation vehicles are available but we should wait for a long time. It doesn't guarantee the bus will come. You won't see the bus, though you have waited for four hours if you're unlucky. It's more or less a kilometer if we choose the Makale - Rantepao main route. It is quite exciting to trek all the way into one of the popular burial ground in Tana Toraja. After reaching the parking lot in front of the cemetery, each tourist should spend 10.000 rupiahs to buy the entrance ticket. Later, everyone should pay to rent a Petromax before entering