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  Image by Alexey Komarov , CC BY 3.0, Once there lived a well respected couple in Bali. They didn't have any children, though they had been married for a long time. The couple prayed to Sang Hyang Widi Wasa day and night. They hoped that the god would grant their request, so they could have a baby. Eventually, the wife was pregnant and bore a baby boy a few months later. It was strange that the baby boy grew extremely fast. He had a strong appetite and ate four or five plates of food every day. His body became very big and tall. That was why everybody called him Kebo Iwa, which meant Uncle Buffalo. After he grew up, he was as tall as a hill and his strength was as furious as the hurricane. He was known as the destroyer. Whenever he was angry, he ruined every single thing around him easily. He would destroy the houses in the village while he lost his temper. However, he was glad to help villagers build houses, temples, dig we