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Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay Long ago, there lived a married couple in a village on Belitung Island. Though they were poor, they didn’t have any complaints about life and they went through all the tough times with pleasure. The only fly in the ointment was that they didn’t have children. Every evening and before going to bed, they prayed solemnly in the hope that God would grant them the desire of their hearts. “My Lord, please give us a child and I don't mind if he is just as small as a little pinkie!” Apparently, God heard their prayer and not long after that the wife got pregnant. The husband and wife were extremely happy because they were going to have a baby very soon. After a few months, the wife gave birth to a baby boy. However, they were very surprised to see that the baby looked really like a little finger. “Oh dear, why is our baby as small as a pinkie?” asked the wife, in a sad voice. The husband just kept silent. He looked as if he cou


Image by Remco Poortvliet from Pixabay Seliu Island, which is located to the north of Belitung Island, belongs to Membalong subdistrict of Belitung regency. It is far away from Tanjung Pandan town and you should spend a long time to arrive at this small and remote island. It is 1,645 hectare in size and there are 1,136 people living on this island. Most of the inhabitants are fishermen. They go to sea in the morning and come back at nightfall. After having dinner, they sit with their family members in front of their houses in the moonlight. They live a very happy and peaceful life without the interference of the outer world. Fishing boats and sailing ships usually cast anchor at the wooden dock. Coconut trees grow along the sand beach. The sound of waves and the whispers of birds are so melodious, which will let you feel that you’re walking on the beach of heaven. I have ever witnessed a wonderful and romantic sunset with my good friends at Malang Buro beach on this island.