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Photo: Buyung Rock (Batu Buyung) is located at the end of the south of Belitung Island. It is 110 kilometers from Tanjung Pandan and it can be reached by car or motorcycle. It is one of the tourist attractions that most tourists like to visit. Batu Buyung is a round and big rock. It has a unique shape and lies on another big flat surface rock. The locals say that it has a miraculous magic power. A lot of people went there to pray for lottery numbers in the era of New Order where state-owned lottery was still legal. They hoped they would be lucky enough to win a lot of money. It is said that the shape of Buyung rock was as small as a baby’s head when Majapahit Kingdom was in power. One day, a troop of Majapahit soldiers discovered a new island during a mission of territorial expansion. All the soldiers and workers on the warship were mesmerized by the beauty of that island. They stopped working and began to keep


Photo: By Ian Robertson, CC BY-SA 2.0, If you take a tour from Tanjung Pandan to Manggar, you may pass Genting Apit because it is the shortcut that will save a lot of your precious time. Belitung people call that location the middle way or jalan tengah. Genting Apit is considered a ghostly place in Belitung. The small road is in S curve and it allows vehicles to travel in both directions. It will be very difficult to control your car or motorcycle if you don’t slow down your vehicle at the time you reach the sharp bend. Especially when a car or truck from the opposite direction also drives at high speed, collision will be too hard to avoid. Besides the dangerous twist, Genting Apit is well known for its creepy atmosphere. It isn’t easy to recall the number of car accidents ever happened at this location. According to the information, some of the victims suddenly saw a strange creature cross the road. The drivers were ba


Photo: Perhaps the most well-known tourist destination in Indonesia is Bali Island. It is famous for its beautiful nature, Balinese food and unique culture. Domestic and international tourists are happy to spend their days on Kuta beach (Pantai Kuta). The beauty of Pantai Kuta is so amazing and you may have a lot of activities with your friends and family, such as swimming, wind surfing, snorkeling, fishing, scuba diving, etc. I’m sure it will be part of your unforgettable experiences which will keep on living in your memory. Besides the beauty of nature, Bali possesses a great number of mystic stories and its mystical aura can also be felt at certain places on this beautiful island. One of the creepy locations that I would like to share with you is the Abandoned Ghost Palace at Bedugul. This big hotel was built in the era of New Order. It is only 50 km from the north of Kuta and 65 km from I Gusti Ngura