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  Image by Ahmad Irfan from Pixabay Long ago, there lived a young man called Manik Angkeran in a village on Bali Island. His father’s name was Empu Sidhi Mandra. Manik Angkeran had a bad habit and he went to gamble every day. His father was very upset about his son’s behavior. “My son, please beware of the gamble because it ruins your life easily.”   The good for nothing son didn’t listen to his father’s advice and he staked his money on a cockfighting game every morning. He also went to play cards after the cockfight gamble. “If you don’t want to stop gambling, you had better move out of this house,” said his father with wide eyes. As he was too hard to change his bad habit, all his father’s words just went in one ear and out at the other. His father, Empu Sidhi Mandra, realized that he was barking up the wrong tree, so he entrusted his son to a Brahmin called Brahmana Dangeang. After hearing the Brahmin’s advice, Manik Angkeran started doing the meditation. He meditated in Pura Gua t