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Image by Congerdesign from Pixabay Once upon a time, there lived two beautiful princesses in Daha kingdom. One was Candra Kirana and the other was Dewi Galuh. The two princesses lived a wealthy and joyful life. One day, a prince from Kahuripan came to visit. The handsome prince’s name was Raden Inu Kertapati. He came to propose Princess Candra Kirana and he was gladly welcome by the king of Daha. Finally, the prince and the princess got engaged. Princess Dewi Galuh was very jealous as she thought she was more qualified than her sister. Later, she paid an old witch to transform her sister into an ugly creature. The witch cast a spell over Princess Candra Kirana and turned her into a golden snail. The witch then threw the golden snail in the river. A few days later, an old woman was catching fish by the river and the golden snail was caught inside the fishing net. The woman brought the snail home and kept it in a jar. The next day, the old woman went to the river again but she caught no