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Image by William EhrenDreich from Belitung Island is not only well-known for its beauty of nature but also the historical remains that most archaeologists are willing to see. There are still a great number of mysteries of those sites which will be very interesting for experts to explore. There is the remains of a fortress at Kenupuk hill (Gunong Kenupuk) in Kelekak Usang small village. Nobody cares about this historical ruins and it is in the state of decay. If you work at the nearby oil palm plantation, you’ll often see the locals taking some tourists to visit this site. According to Mr. Salim Yan Albert Hoogstad, it is a fortress gateway and was built hundreds of years ago. It is about four kilometers from the mouth of Cerucuk River. Cerucuk River was the important trade route during the Dutch occupation. At that time, the fortress was the entrance to Belitung Island. There was no sign of the remains of kampong from that era and what you can see are b


Photo: By Tropenmuseum, part of the National Museum of World Cultures, CC BY-SA 3.0, I have visited Bogor Botanical Gardens several times and it is indeed a nice place for picnic. There are a large number of old trees which have lived for hundreds of years. Although the sun shines brightly, the visitors still feel so cool and comfortable. People go there for recreation and walk around to relax. The Bogor Botanical Garderns is beautifully situated in Bogor and it covers an area of 87 hectares. It is a habitat of different species of trees and plants. It was officially launched by the Dutch governor, GAGP Van Der Capellen in 1817. It provides valuable information for education and scientific researches. It has 15,000 different kinds of trees and plants and 50 species of birds and bats. Some locations in the botanical gardens give a creepy impression and therefore many visitors avoid staying there too long. T