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Image by Devanocturno - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0 The Madurese Bull Racing Festival or Karapan Sapi is a special festival of the inhabitants living on Madura Island. It is celebrated in the month of August or September every year. Usually, the final race is held at the end of September or October. Two bulls pulling a wooden cart run very fast towards the finishing line. The jockey stands on the cart controlling the speeds and movements of the bulls. The racing takes place in 10 seconds to 1 minute over a 100 meter distance. Besides racing, karapan Sapi is also a prestige folk culture and party which will increase one’s social status. Those who want to join should spend a lot of money to take care of their bulls before the festival. Building muscle and maintaining the health of a bull that is going to race needs at least 4 million rupiahs. The bull should be served with herbal medicines and a dozen chicken eggs a day, especially when the day of the Bull Racing Festival is appro


Image by Cassty1 from Pixabay Mount Tajam or Gunung Tajam is the highest on Belitung Island. It’s only 510 meters high, so it looks more like a hill than a mountain. It is about 30 kilometers from Tanjung Pandan (the main town of Belitung Island). Public transportation is easily accessible. It’s more convenient if you drive your own car or motorcycle. If you’re a cyclist, you can ride your bicycle too. There is a waterfall at the mountain and visitors usually take a bath in the natural pool that catches the falling water. It feels cool and fresh in a shiny day. It is said that the water can cure many kinds of skin disease and wash all the sins that man has committed. That is why it is usually crowded on Sundays. While you are walking along the path, you will notice that a troop of monkeys keep looking at you as if they were welcoming you to their residence. If you have fruit, you may throw some of your bananas to them and they will be very glad to accept your offer. You may


Image by Lothar Dieterich from Pixabay Long ago, there was a family living near Cerucuk River. The family was very poor and could only live from hand to mouth. The family members went to seek leaves and fruits in the forest and sold them in the market every day. The husband and wife had a son called Si Kulup and he was very glad to help his parents. Though they were poor, they never felt unpleasant suffering. One day, Si Kulup’s father (Pak Kulup) went to find bamboo shoots. While he was cutting the bamboo sprouts, he saw a walking stick in the bamboo trees. He was about to throw the walking stick away and suddenly saw that it was ornamented with diamonds and precious gems. He was so surprised and felt lucky. Pak Kulup’s hands were trembling and he said to himself, “This is the sign of good fortune! Is this the walking stick of Prophet Suleiman or is it the treasure from olden days? My God! I’ll be a rich man.” Pak Kulup’s heart was beating like a hammer along the way bac