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Image by Marcky Bolung , CC BY 3.0 As Japan had colonized Indonesia for around three and a half years, the Japanese left a number of historical objects. Japanese troops used the caves as bunkers or underground bastion tunnels and those caves are called Goa Jepang or Japanese Cave. Such facilities were built by forced labor, a lot of sad and bloody events had ever happened in that period of time. Most Goa Jepang or Japanese caves were the places for torturing prisoners to death. That’s why such locations are so spooky and visitors will always get goosebumps when they stepped into the bunkers or bastion passages. According to the history, a lot of people were trapped in forced labor during the construction of Goa Jepang. The locals claim that they often see the spirits of the dead near the Japanese caves. Some of them look seriously wounded and walked like zombies. Besides the walking dead, there’re the scary creatures that have the appearance of half human and half animal.


Image by By Sanko . - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0 In the 16th century, the Dutch government rebuilt a Makssarese fort that was ruined in the war against the sultanate of Gowa. Having finished rebuilding the fort, they named it Fort Rotterdam. Compared to the 17 forts surrounding the Makassar city that were built by the sultanate, Fort Rotterdam is the most magnificent. It has been well maintained and it is still in its original shape. It’s very convenient to reach the location of the fort because it is in front of the harbor of Makassar city. It is around two kilometers from Losari beach. As it has the architectural style of the 16th century, it’s very easy to find it. The wall of the fort is in black color and it’s approximately two meters thick. The wall looks great and sturdy. It is five meters high and the entrance door is small. If you have a bird’s eye view from a height, the fort looks like a turtle crawling to the beach. The fort has a Portugal architectural style. It is a squa


Image by Jo Stolp from Pixabay The old woman with the coconut water scoop is a mysterious sorceress that suddenly appears by the roadside. It is said that the old woman practices a very special witchcraft and she needs ritual offerings to increase her supernatural power. A rumor has surfaced that the old woman with the coconut water scoop ever appeared at the roadside in some of the big cities of Indonesia. The people who talked with that old woman died within a few days and the old witch offered their souls to Satan as a sacrifice for improving her black magic skills. On a quiet and cold evening, two men driving a motorbike saw an old woman by the roadside. She was so week and walked in an unsteady way. It seemed that she needed someone’s help. The two men approached the old woman and asked where she wanted to go. Afterwards, they offered their help to her. Three of them rode the same motorbike to the destination. As it was too heavy and hard to control, the motorbike ra