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Image by Sabrina Eickhoff from Pixabay   Long ago, there lived a poor widow in a remote area of Central Java. She had a son who had a cooking pot shaped physique. In Central Java, the pot used for cooking rice is called kendil. As the boy looked like a kendil, he was named Joko Kendil. The widow didn’t feel shamed or disappointed, though her son looked like a cooking pot. She loved her son with all her heart. When Joko Kendil was a child, he liked joking and was well like by his peers. One day, there was a wedding party in his village and Joko sneaked in the kitchen. A woman praised the beauty of a pot, which could be used for keeping cakes and fruit. He didn’t know the pot she meant was a human being. The woman didn’t know the pot was indeed Joko Kendil himself. After fully filled, Joko Kendil rolled out of the kitchen. The people seeing this strange happening couldn’t help shouting bravo. They struggled to snatch that strange pot.  Joko Kendil was rolling faster to home. After reachi