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The Rebo Kasan ritual is usually performed at Air Anyer village in Merawang subdistrict of West Bangka Regency. This is a ward off evil ritual and is performed on the third day of the month of Syafar by Islamic Calendar.
According to the information from the Islamic preachers, from daybreak till afternoon, the God, Allah sends at least 3200 kinds of misfortune to the earth on the last third day of Syafar. All the people should be more careful on that day, because they will probably get accidents unexpectedly. It is said that they had better postpone going somewhere or doing something till 02.00 pm. It is also advisable that all of them should stay together to say their prayers in order to reduce the possibility of getting bad luck sent by Allah.
People have their own methods and opinions to perform such a great ritual.It is usually held at the border of the village. The villagers go there together with their ketupat tolak bala and fresh water which will be transformed into wafak water.…


The word Tanjung means cape and Kelayang means swallow, so Tanjung Kelayang means Swallow Cape. It is about 27 kilometers from Tanjung Pandan (the main town of Belitung Island). You are able to reach there by car or motorcycle and enjoy your leisured drive along the way.
The scenery is beautiful and people always visit there on Sundays. It is very relaxing to sit on the rock, watching the waves roll in to the beach. The wind blows gently and the leaves of coconut trees wave in the warm sunshine.
Various kinds of seafood are sold by fishmongers, such as fish, oysters, crabs, cuttlefish, shrimps, lobsters and others. We can buy some and roast it over a charcoal fire. It has a special taste if the roasted fish or shrimps are flavored with soybean sauce and red pepper. Small kids usually like it a lot and always ask for some more after they have finished eating their portions. Drinking the natural coconut juice is fresher than drinking Coca Cola or Whisky.
It’s enjoyable to walk barefoot al…


Long ago, there lived a beautiful girl in a little village. She was the most beautiful among the village girls. A lot of young men hoped they would be lucky enough to have a wife like her. Besides, there were many young men coming from other villages and they wanted to make friends with that fairylike girl.
As there were too many marriage proposals, the parents were hard to decide which handsome guy was the best for their daughter. They also knew that most of the suitors had good self defense techniques and inner power.
Many of them demonstrated their skills. Some were able to cut down a big tree with their palms or burned it with their inner power and others could shoot a boar with their fingers.
The parents then proposed a rattan stick contest. The contestants should hit each other with rattan sticks. One would lose if he was hit on the back by his challenger. Then what would happen if both of them got hit on their backs? In that case, the winner would be the one who got fewer stri…


Satam is a kind of stone which is found in the area of the tin mines of Belitung Island. According to various sources of information, the stone was given the specific name Billitonite by Ir. N Wing Easton from Netherlands in 1921.
The Billitonite stone or Satam won’t be found easily, an experienced worker will find it in the tin field of the tin mining company.
It is said that all the Billitonite stones are the meteorites from outer space. A complex burning process started at the time they entered the earth’s atmosphere. After being buried in the ground for millions of years and they formed themselves into a kind of hard and shiny black stones.
The Billitonite stones are usually used as the ornaments and are set in gold or platinum. Some people like to carve something on the shiny surface for more artistic senses. Women will be very glad to wear them when they go to attend their friends’ parties. They will be very excited to explain everything about their Satam to some of their intimate…


In Belitung dialect, Buang Jong means releasing a sailing boat into the sea. This ritual is usually performed by the fishermen on Belitung Island. They hope God will grant them a good living and perpetual peace. It is usually conducted from August to November.
At the beginning of the ritual, a group of performers are hitting drums and gongs in a procession and a replica of traditional sailing boat is being carried to the beach. The replica is placed over a few pieces of logs on the sand. The front side of the replica faces the sea. It means that it is ready to be set free.
Some well known people who have great contribution to tradition and culture pray to invite sea god to attend the ritual. Later, a shaman performs a traditional dance by following the rhythm of drums and gongs.
He holds a cone-shaped and house-like framework decorated with coconut leaves in his both hands. He dances and shakes the framework and turns it towards the east, west, north and south. It is called Ancak Dance…


Slamaran beach is one of the most attractive places to visit. It is on the east of Pasir Kencana beach. It can be reached by yacht through the estuary of Nusantara Fishery Harbor and it is only 5 km from Pekalongan bus station.
It is extremely good for people living in big city to spend their vacations on this wonderland. You’ll experience the indescribable sensation while you’re walking on white sand in the warm sunshine. Breathing fresh air and enjoying the gentle blow of the wind is the wonderful way to release tension. You’ll feel exceedingly relaxed by viewing small fishing boats floating in the blue sea far away from the beach.
Slamaran beach is three and a half hectares in size, facilitated by wide parking lot, restaurants, food stalls and motorboat rental.
The legend of Dewi Lanjar (Queen of the North Sea) This legend is very popular in Pekalongan and it has been handed down from generation to generation. Everything that happened at the beach can be more or less connected with th…


The paranormal phenomena can’t be explained by scientific laws. Perhaps one day, the scientists will find out the ways to track them. No matter where you go, you’ll often hear something concerning supernatural phenomena.
The cost of living in big city is highly expensive. Everything is very costly and the rent is so damn high. Though you’re very creative and hardworking, it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll have a good job and enough salary to maintain a high quality life.
Due to economic difficulty, some people become discouraged and fall into desperation. They don’t have much strength and spirit to compete with others. However, they always dream to be rich and enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. The only hope is to shortcut the way to success. That’s why they go to seek money ritual to get rich quickly.
Pesugihan Babi Ngepet or The Boar Demon Money Ritual is well known throughout the Indonesian archipelago. I’ve often heard that since I was a little boy. Many people still go to find it everywhere…


Klaten is a little town in Central Java, Indonesia. In Klaten, there are a lot of wonderful places to visit, such as Prambanan temple, Lumbung temple, sugar factory museum, and so on. Water recreation and culinary tour also attract a great number of tourists.
It is about 562 kilometers from Jakarta. The scenery is so attractive along the way. Besides driving a car, you can go there by train, bus or airplane. If you love breathing fresh air and would like to have a different sensation, you may go by motorcycle.
There’s a 700 year-old tree in Mbero Palar, a little village in Trucuk. It is said that this old tree is the place where tuyul live together. In Malay mythology, tuyul or toyol means a small child spirit. In Thailand, a male tuyul is called koman-tong and a female one is called koman-lay. In Philippine, it is called tiyanak.
People call the old sacred tree pohon ketos or ketos tree. According to the folklore, the ketos tree is the incarnation of Eyang Bandho. He is one of Prabu Jay…


Cirebon is one of the oldest towns in West Java, Indonesia. It is located on the north Coast of Java Island.
At first, Cirebon was founded by Ki Gedeng Tapa and it was given the name Caruban after it had transformed into a crowded village. In Cirebon dialect, Caruban means unity. The name Caruban was suitable for the small village because a lot of Javanese, Sudanese, Arabic and Chinese merchants ran their businesses there. Then, the name Caruban was changed to Carbon and then Cerbon. Nowadays, it is a strategic and crowded town and people call it Cirebon.
Besides fascinating cultures and delicious foods, it has a lot of mystery stories and one of the mystical locations is Plagon.
Plagon is a well-known tourist attraction of high historical value. However, there live a great number of monkeys and the population has unceasingly increased.
The monkeys at the sacred place It is said that the monkeys living at Plangon are the incarnation of the people who begged for riches and worshipped the m…


Mount Gede or Gunung Gede is located on Java Island of the Republic of Indonesia. It is among the regencies of Bogor, Cianjur and Sukabumi. It has the height of 1000 – 3000 meters above sea level. The average temperature is 18 degrees centigrade and the lowest temperature at night is 5 degrees centigrade. The rainfall is approximately 3600 mm per year. We can go there from Cibodas and Cipanas.
This mountain is still in the region of Mount Gede Pangrango National Park, one of the oldest national parks in Indonesia and was established in 1980. The National Park spans an area of 22000 hectares and includes Mount Gede and Mount Pangrango. Both the mountains are the highest in West Java.
Mount Gede also keeps its own mystery stories. A lot of mountaineers experienced some bizarre and inexplicable events while they were climbing this mountain.
Some mountaineers at Surya Kencana square field heard horses galloping along, but were unable to see the horses. People said it was the sign that Princ…


Parangtritis beach is situated in Kretek subdistrict of Bantul Regency. It is about 27 kilometers from the central part of Yogyakarta City.
It is very convenient to reach this tourist attraction as public transportation is reliable and punctual. Most people like going there at sunset. The scenery is so beautiful while the purple rays of the sun break through the clouds, throwing light over the surface of the sea and the screams of seagulls are so pleasant.
Standing on the edge of the cliff, you’ll be able to witness the panorama of the beach and admire the greatness of the Creator. There you’ll find the remains of a temple and it is called Candi Gembirawati. It is located on the east side of the cliff and it’s just a few meters away from the beach.
Based on the Javanese belief, Parangtritis beach has a spiritual relationship with the Queen of the Southern Sea. If you visit there one day, you may stay at Queen of the South Hotel. It’s indeed a good name inspired by the legend.


In central Java, there is an ancient grave in Kabongan village, Rembang regency. This old grave belongs to a beautiful young lady who passed away in the days of Majapahit kingdom. The lady’s name is Nyi Puspo Cempoko.
According to the legend, Kabongan village was very fertile and prosperous. However, it was under the control of Majapahit kingdom. The people in Kabongan Rembang should pay tribute to the king every year.
Beyond the prosperity of Rembang regency, there was the sad story of the young lady who became the victim of her authoritarian parents.
One day, the commander of Majapahit paid a visit to Rembang regency. The commander bribed the materialistic parents with gold and silver and declared that he wanted to propose marriage to their beloved daughter.
After knowing the commander’s intention, Nyi Puspo Cempoko left her home at midnight and hid herself in the forest. Then, she lived like a hermit till the end of her life. She was buried by someone who found her dead body in the wi…