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  Image by Prawny from Pixabay Long ago, there lived a middle aged widow called Mbok Satiyem in a kampong of central Java. She lived alone and she was always willing to have a child, but there was nothing she could do because her husband had died. She could only wait for the miracle to happen. She prayed for a baby day and night and perhaps God would answer her prayer.   Mbok Satiyem had a strange dream one evening. In the dream, a giant approached the widow and asked her to go to pick up a vegetable basket under a tree in the forest where she usually cut firewood. When she woke up the next morning, she could hardly believe what she had dreamed.   The widow tired her best to remove the hesitation. She went to the place where the giant had shown her in the dream. After she arrived there, she began to look for the vegetable basket under the tree. She taught it should be a baby lying under the blanket while she found the basket. However, she was surprised to see that it was o