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I have visited Bogor Botanical Gardens several times and it is indeed a nice place for picnic. There are a large number of old trees which have lived for hundreds of years. Although the sun shines brightly, the visitors still feel so cool and comfortable. People go there for recreation and walk around to relax.

The Bogor Botanical Garderns is beautifully situated in Bogor and it covers an area of 87 hectares. It is a habitat of different species of trees and plants.

It was officially launched by the Dutch governor, GAGP Van Der Capellen in 1817. It provides valuable information for education and scientific researches. It has 15,000 different kinds of trees and plants and 50 species of birds and bats.

Some locations in the botanical gardens give a creepy impression and therefore many visitors avoid staying there too long. There’re still a lot of superstitious people who believe in ghosts.

Ratu Galuh’s grave
There is a very creepy old grave in the botanical gardens. A young man lost his girlfriend after he had finished relieving himself near the location of the grave. As he couldn’t find his sweetheart, he asked the custodian for help.

They went around to all the places looking for the girl and finally found her sitting under a big tree. It seemed that she didn’t know what she was doing at the moment.

The girl was in an extremely desperate condition. She laughed while she was talking, but all of a sudden she started crying.

The abandoned laboratory
An old historical building which was formerly used as a laboratory in the Dutch colonization still exists and is usually visited by tourists.

It is considered eerie and the security guards often hear strange sounds coming from inside the laboratory at night. Sometimes they hear a door open by itself or sound of things falling on the floor, etc.

The Scissors Lake
It is a very beautiful artificial lake. There is a man-made islet in the middle of the lake. If we observe it from a helicopter, it takes the shape of a scissors.

While you are sitting under a shady tree, you can see storks preying on fish in the lake. The lotus flowers which symbolize purity, eternity, rebirth and spirituality add more vibrant colors to the environment.

Besides all the attractiveness of the nature, there is also a story of the guardian of this lake. Rumor has it that some visitors saw a Dutch woman ghost hovering over the surface of the water. It isn’t easy to drive the woman ghost away as she has an extremely strong supernatural power.

Dutch burial plot
There are the graves of all the botanists who contributed a lot to botany during the Dutch occupation. It is said that many visitors has ever experienced some unusual happenings in this old burial plot.

One of the popular mystical stories tells that a man went to sit there intentionally, and then a lot of strange things happened. The man saw a cat transform herself into a tiger. Soon afterwards, he saw a bamboo tree change itself into a long haired woman in white dress. Besides this, there are still a great number of creepy stories which will make your hair stand on end.

You may ask the caretakers and they will be very glad to tell you everything concerning the botanical gardens.

The Broken Love Bridge
This suspension bridge is too mysterious in the eyes of the locals. According to Mr. Dandan who has worked there for 15 years, the mythos of the Broken Love Bridge has already deeply rooted in the locals’ hearts.

It is said that lovers should stay away from that bridge because their love will end up in despair if they cross it. You should tie your hand and your lover’s hand together with a chain or a rope if you both really want to cross. Therefore, your love won’t be cut off after you reach the opposite side of the bridge.


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