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Mount Tajam or Gunung Tajam is the highest on Belitung Island. It’s only 510 meters high, so it looks more like a hill than a mountain. It is about 30 kilometers from Tanjung Pandan (the main town of Belitung Island). Public transportation is easily accessible. It’s more convenient if you drive your own car or motorcycle. If you’re a cyclist, you can ride your bicycle too.

There is a waterfall at the mountain and visitors usually take a bath in the natural pool that catches the falling water. It feels cool and fresh in a shiny day. It is said that the water can cure many kinds of skin disease and wash all the sins that man has committed. That is why it is usually crowded on Sundays.

While you are walking along the path, you will notice that a troop of monkeys keep looking at you as if they were welcoming you to their residence. If you have fruit, you may throw some of your bananas to them and they will be very glad to accept your offer.

You may set up a tent to spend your night and enjoy drinking a cup of hot coffee in front of a campfire. If someone plays guitar or flute in the moony evening, you will feel that the relaxing music is indeed wonderful.

On the top of Mount Tajam, there is a tomb that is considered to be a holy one. People call it Syekh Abdullah’s tomb and it is a sacred place, which owns a lot of mysteries that are beyond the ability of human beings to describe.

There were many visitors getting lost and couldn’t find the way out of that woody location. At midnight, the chirps of crickets and the hoots of owls made their hair stand on end. Fortunately, they were able to find the right direction to leave that eerie place after sunrise.

Syekh Abdullah was a holy man who is believed to be the master and spreader of Islamic religion in Belitung. When he was alive, he had seven disciples and a smart cat. The cat had an outstanding IQ and understood human languages.

When he was dying, he told his disciples to burry him between the sky and the earth. Everyone was very confused and none of them understood what their master meant. A cleverest disciple said that it should be on the top of that mountain. The smart cat died after the death of Syekh Abdullah and he was buried beside his master’s grave.

Nowadays, some people visit Syekh Abdullah’s tomb on Jum’at Kliwon night (Kliwon is the 5th day of the five-day week of Javanese calander). They usually hold a ritual to request magic charm and some ask for good fortune and a peaceful life. Many of the visitors are from other places outside Belitung Island.

Even in modern times, there are still a lot of people who believe that there’s another world that exists in a different dimension. Perhaps it can be proven by the advanced technology in the years to come. Maybe someday, there’ll be a number of travel agencies that offer the tour to the mysterious world through the time tunnel.


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