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The old woman with the coconut water scoop is a mysterious sorceress that suddenly appears by the roadside. It is said that the old woman practices a very special witchcraft and she needs ritual offerings to increase her supernatural power.

A rumor has surfaced that the old woman with the coconut water scoop ever appeared at the roadside in some of the big cities of Indonesia. The people who talked with that old woman died within a few days and the old witch offered their souls to Satan as a sacrifice for improving her black magic skills.

On a quiet and cold evening, two men driving a motorbike saw an old woman by the roadside. She was so week and walked in an unsteady way. It seemed that she needed someone’s help.

The two men approached the old woman and asked where she wanted to go. Afterwards, they offered their help to her. Three of them rode the same motorbike to the destination.

As it was too heavy and hard to control, the motorbike ran zigzag. Finally they hit a car and fell down. Unfortunately, one of the men died on the spot and the other got minor injuries. The wounded man looked around to find that old woman, but she had already gone. The people around there told him that no one had seen the old woman.

The rumor of the old woman with the coconut water scoop who looks for human sacrifice spread so quickly. People also said that the old witch had been seen walking along the roadside in some big cities.

It is said that the granny is a very old toothless woman and her face is full of wrinkles. She wears kebaya (long sleeved blouse) and holds a coconut water scoop and a mat in her hands. Some also say that the old woman wears all black clothes. No matter what she wears, she usually brings a coconut water scoop and a mat.

The coconut water scoop and the mat are needed at the time the old woman takes the life of her victim. The old woman will visit the people who have ever had a conversation with her.

The wrinkled and toothless granny will appear in your dream while you are sleeping soundly. Then, she lays you on the mat and pours water over your body with her coconut water scoop as if she was washing a corpse. The person will never get up again after being bathed by the old woman.

This urban legend inspired the film maker to make a movie named Nenek Gayung. Nenek means grandma and Gayung means scoop. This movie was released in 2012.

The movie tells the story of a young man who suffers from severe depression because he has just broken up with his girlfriend. As he feels life is meaningless, he makes up his mind to end his life.

While he is standing on a bridge and is ready to jump into the thunderous water, someone catches his arm and pulls him back. When he turns back, he realizes that a young woman has just prevented him from falling in the river.

The young woman, Dewi, explains to Duta that committing suicide isn’t the best choice. Duta feels what she said is true. They both become friends. Duta falls in love with her at the first sight and he has forgotten his ex girlfriend on the same day. Only Dewi who saved him deserves his true love. He wants his soul to laugh and his heart to feel reassured for having found its place in the world.

Meanwhile, the rumor of Nenek Gayung spreads over the place where Duta lives. The creepy granny likes to talk with young guys and they all are going to die after seven days.

The neighbors become panic, including Abas who lives in the same boarding house with Duta. Later, Abas is aware that Duta has met the old woman with the coconut water scoop and he is going to die in a couple of days.


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