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Once upon a time, there lived two beautiful princesses in Daha kingdom. One was Candra Kirana and the other was Dewi Galuh. The two princesses lived a wealthy and joyful life.

One day, a prince from Kahuripan came to visit. The handsome prince’s name was Raden Inu Kertapati. He came to propose Princess Candra Kirana and he was gladly welcome by the king of Daha. Finally, the prince and the princess got engaged.

Princess Dewi Galuh was very jealous as she thought she was more qualified than her sister. Later, she paid an old witch to transform her sister into an ugly creature. The witch cast a spell over Princess Candra Kirana and turned her into a golden snail. The witch then threw the golden snail in the river.

A few days later, an old woman was catching fish by the river and the golden snail was caught inside the fishing net. The woman brought the snail home and kept it in a jar.

The next day, the old woman went to the river again but she caught nothing and retuned sadly. When she arrived home, she was surprised to see that there were tasty food on the dining table. The woman felt puzzled and didn’t know who had sent her the delicious dinner.

This happened all the time and the old woman wanted to know who the kind hearted person was. One afternoon, she peeped through a hole and found that the golden snail in the jar suddenly transformed itself into a very pretty girl.

The pretty girl cooked the vegetables and rice and put it on the table. As the old woman was so confused, she came in the house and said hello to the little girl.

“Hi lovely girl,” she asked. “May I know who you are?”

“I’m the princess from Daha kingdom. I was cursed by a witch and turned into a golden snail,” said the girl.

“The evil witch was hired by my sister,” she added.

The pretty girl turned into a snail again after explaining everything, letting the old woman fall into an extreme confusion.

The prince started seeking Princess Candra Kirana after he knew that she had disappeared. The prince disguised himself as a commoner and went to find the princess everywhere.

The evil witch knew the prince’s intention and she transformed herself into a crow. Raden Inu Kertapati (the prince) was so frightened to see a crow speak human language and it knew what he thought. He didn’t know that the information he got from the crow was fake and misleading.

On the way, the prince met a hungry old man. He gave the old man food because he took pity on him. The old man finished the food greedily as he hadn’t eaten anything for several days.

In fact, the old man was a hermit who possessed the supernatural power. Then, he hit the crow with a wooden stick and the bird disappeared in a cloud of black smoke. The old man told the prince to go to Dadapan village and he should beg for a gulf of water at a thatched house.

While he looked in through the window, he was extremely surprised to see that Princess Candra Kirana was cooking.

After meeting each other, the black magic that locked the princess’s soul vanished. Both the prince and the princess went back to the palace. They also took the kind hearted woman together with them.

Princess Candra Kirana told the king all that had been done by her sister. The king said sorry to his daughter for not being able to take good care of her.

Princess Dewi Galuh ran to the forest because she was afraid of being punished. Prince Inu Kertapati and Princess Candra Kirana got married and the wedding was so glamorous. They lived happily and their story became popular throughout the country.


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