Satam is a kind of stone which is found in the area of the tin mines of Belitung Island. According to various sources of information, the stone was given the specific name Billitonite by Ir. N Wing Easton from Netherlands in 1921.

The Billitonite stone or Satam won’t be found easily, an experienced worker will find it in the tin field of the tin mining company.

It is said that all the Billitonite stones are the meteorites from outer space. A complex burning process started at the time they entered the earth’s atmosphere. After being buried in the ground for millions of years and they formed themselves into a kind of hard and shiny black stones.

The Billitonite stones are usually used as the ornaments and are set in gold or platinum. Some people like to carve something on the shiny surface for more artistic senses. Women will be very glad to wear them when they go to attend their friends’ parties. They will be very excited to explain everything about their Satam to some of their intimate friends. Women usually like to talk something special on their precious stones.

It is considered that people will be more confident in doing their jobs if they have satam with them. A lot of businessmen and rich people seek those stones from the jewelers in big cities or go to Belitung Island by plane or by sea, looking for the stones they have ever dreamed for a long time. It’ll be sky-high expensive if you ask the price of the jewel collectors, because the stones they have collected maybe of first-rate quality.

It is believed that there is a miraculous power inside the satam which can protect people from evil influences, black magic, witchcraft and bad luck. Additionally, it is also considered to have magnetic enchantment in the affair of love. Men or women will be easier to find their soul mates and be the happiest married couples in the world forever.

It’s not only domestic tourists like it, but there’re also many scientific researchers from all over the world who wish to learn more about the molecular structure and the hidden magic power of satam. Many of them have bought some of the stones as souvenirs, so they can always recall the days they spent on that beautiful island. It’ll be very meaningful for someone who has the hobby of collecting stones.

It is said that satam will always be shiny if it is periodically washed in the water containing seven kinds of flowers. The stone should be in that water for a whole night when it is full moon. Later, it should be smoked with kemenyan (incense derived from gum benzoin).

The stone must be in a clean and safe box with wool inside when it is not worn. Perhaps it is just a favorite superstition or it should really be like that.

Probably, there’ll be some experts who will do the more advanced and progressive researches and someday they will be able to announce the results of their scientific and mystical researches about all the mysteries of that outer space stone.


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