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Mount Gede or Gunung Gede is located on Java Island of the Republic of Indonesia. It is among the regencies of Bogor, Cianjur and Sukabumi. It has the height of 1000 – 3000 meters above sea level. The average temperature is 18 degrees centigrade and the lowest temperature at night is 5 degrees centigrade. The rainfall is approximately 3600 mm per year. We can go there from Cibodas and Cipanas.

This mountain is still in the region of Mount Gede Pangrango National Park, one of the oldest national parks in Indonesia and was established in 1980. The National Park spans an area of 22000 hectares and includes Mount Gede and Mount Pangrango. Both the mountains are the highest in West Java.

Mount Gede also keeps its own mystery stories. A lot of mountaineers experienced some bizarre and inexplicable events while they were climbing this mountain.

Some mountaineers at Surya Kencana square field heard horses galloping along, but were unable to see the horses. People said it was the sign that Prince Surya Kencana had arrived in the field with his soldiers. Sometimes, the mountaineers will probably see a palace in the air with thick white clouds around it.

Surya Kencana square field is a flat and wide area and it is at the height of 2750 m above sea level. On the east side of the peak of Mount Gede lies a meadow and edelweiss field. Surya Kencana is the name of prince Aria Wiratanudatar the founder of Cianjur town. The prince has a djinn wife and two sons. One of his sons is called Prabu Sakti and the other is Prabu Siliwangi.

The area of Mount Gede is the residence of Prince Surya Kencana. The djinn community and the prince have rice barns and palm plantation in that region.

In the middle of the field, there is a stone resembling a saddle which is believed to be the prince’s throne. It is called Dongdang Stone (Batu Dongdang) and is watched all the time by Mbah Layang Gading the Saint. The water coming out in the middle of the square field was formerly used for drinking and bathing.

There is an old grave in the woody area around Surya Kencana square field. It is Prabu Siliwangi’s grave. When Prabu Siliwangi ruled West Java, there was a war against Majapahit Empire. Besides this, Prabu Siliwangi should also fight against Banten Sultanate. After he was heavily defeated, he fled to Mount Gede with his followers.

There are the historical remains of Prince Surya Kencana, the djinn princess and Prabu Siliwangi and are considered sacred by the pilgrims.

The invisible caretakers from the world of djinns
The crater of Mount Gede consists of Ratu, Lanang, and Wadon craters. The invisible caretaker of these craters is Embah Kalijaga. Embah Serah is the door guard who keeps eyes on two big stones on that location. The entrance door is located on Batu Kukus, the route to the peak before the hot waterfall.

Eyang Jaya Kusumah is the caretaker of Mount Sela beside the peak of Mount Gede. Eyang Jaya Rahmatan and Embah Kadok watch two big stones at the parking area of Cibodas tourist attraction. Workers did try to remove the two big stones, but the machine drills couldn’t destroy them.

The treasures of Prince Surya Kencana
The prince’s treasure cave is at Cibeureum waterfall. It is guarded by Embah Dalem Cikundul. Treasure hunters aren’t welcome and will be punished if they have bad intentions.

There is a big boulder in the middle of the waterfall lake. It is said that a recluse who was very diligent and had reached the Samadhi sat there too long, so that he automatically turned his shape into a big boulder. He will retransform himself into a human being when the doomsday comes.


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