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The Sulfat Bridge is quite crowded and it was located in Malang, East Java Province. A lot of vehicles cross this bridge every day. There is nothing special in the eyes of the drivers and passengers. 

However, some horror stories make it feel spooky. Though the technology is so advanced, there are still a great number of people who believe in superstitions. Even in developed countries, the witchdoctors still exist.

It's still considered a new bridge because it was built in 2000. The purpose of building the bridge is to provide access from Purwantoro to Sawojajar that was separated by Bango and Banyar rivers.

The construction seized a part of the nearby cemetery. That's why strange things keep happening. Many people think that the souls of the dead don’t accept it and intend to scare them with ghost events.

Perhaps you need to take a bath with flowery water if you feel that a ghost was tailing you while crossing the bridge. This is a ward off evil bath for pushing away bad luck. Therefore you will gain a strong self confidence and make a lot of money.

Quite a number of car accidents happened on this bridge. The locals say the ghosts want to take revenge. They want people to suffer for the consequences of robbing their land. You make me sad and I grasp your neck like that of a goose.

Rumor has it that female ghosts often disturb motorcycles crossing that bridge. Bikers often get passengers sitting on the backs of their bikes, causing chills run through their nerves. Their scalps feel thick and hair stands on end. Some guys are afraid of ghosts and they’re indeed chicken hearted.

It is said that some drivers suddenly saw a sharp bend while they were driving on the bridge, so they couldn't control their cars and hit the barrier. 

Some fatal accidents caused cars or trucks plunged into the river. Probably they were sleepy while they were driving. 

It’s easy to cause hallucination when you are very tired and need sleep. Drivers shouldn’t sleep very late at night and drive carelessly in the morning.

Before the new bridge was built, there was a bamboo bridge and it faced slightly towards the east. It was shorter but rather steep and hard to cross. 

Oh yeah, I have ever crossed a hanging bamboo bridge with my friend in a rainy evening. The wind blew hard and the bridge swayed back and forth in the wind. I didn’t dare to look at the ravine below. The sound of the violent rushing water was so scary.

A private TV station has ever broadcast the discussion about astral body and the accidents happened on that bridge. Shamans and psychics were invited for a discussion. There are still many people who like watching this type of TV program. Some believe ghosts and demons are real but some don’t.

Everyone should be in full concentration while driving or riding across the bridge. Many of the accidents occurred because of the carelessness of the drivers. Some drivers even talk on their phones at the time they are driving their cars. Some hit the trucks in front of them because they’re not staying focused.

For safety, it's advisable to honk your car horn while crossing the bridge. I’m not sure whether ghosts are afraid of honk. Maybe they see that the drivers are polite and let them cross.


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