Image: Radar Bogor
Image: Radar Bogor

Mount Salak is one of the most famous mountains in Indonesia. It is situated in West Java and has a very magnificent view. All the visitors will be mesmerized by its beauty.

It has a lot of mystical stories, which are interesting to know. One of the popular folklores is the Pajajaran Kingdom, which collapsed long before the Dutch came to colonize. The locals believe that the spirits of the kings, queens, prince, princesses and warriors are still there. Prabu Siliwangi is one of the well-known spirits. Many people have seen apparition of soldiers patrol around that area.

The magnetic anomaly can cause an airplane navigation stop working. There are accidents of airplanes that out of control and fell into the valley. The accident of Sukhoi Superjet 100 in 2012 that caused 45 dead is the example.

According to the experts, Mount Salak has the strong magnetic field that can make a plane loses its direction, out of control and finally lies on the base of the valley.

The illegal gold miners who make a living at that mountain need to perform a mystical ceremony before digging gold in the gold field. The gold diggers throw away perfume that has been given magic formula by a shaman and it is called the Jinn Perfume. Whenever the perfume falls on a location, it means that the area should contain gold.

There’re some restrictions that can’t be violated at Mount Salak. It is restricted to pick orchids and is not allowed to say Salak (snake fruit) at that place because Salak is contradictory to the Sanskrit Salaka that means Silver. In other words, Mount Salak means Silver Mountain.

Another mystery of Mount Salak is the sound of gamelan and it can be heard while hiking. Quite a lot of hikers are mesmerized and walk to the direction where the sound comes from. It is said that some hikers disappeared in the forest and can’t be found forever.

A hiker said when he was setting up a tent at the riverside, his friends and he saw some people at the opposite side of the river. The people they saw were all in white, later they disappeared in a sudden. 

The locals say that they often hear the sounds of beasts. Sometimes they see strange creatures, which look like animals. Some resembling monkeys, gorillas or boars that take the size of a freight car. The villagers also acknowledge that they have ever heard the noise of galloping horses while they are walking leisurely at the mountain side.

The rumor says there is the Kampong of Satan at Mount Salak. Some hikers said that they have ever fallen into illusion as if they were in a very crowded village. All of a sudden, everything faded away and nothing left in the quiet evening. While they were going down the mountain, they saw a very old lady. Perhaps she was already 80 years old but she was still so strong to do rock climbing. They approached her but she disappeared in the cloud of white smoke.

Forked paths can cause astray if hikers aren’t careful enough. Although they mark the trees, they still feel hard to get out of a certain area. The evil spirits obstruct one’s view and makes him unable to find the way out.

Mount Salak has seven peaks. The highest called Salak Satu Peak with the height of 2,211 meters above the sea level and tourists seldom go there because it is so eerie. Besides, it is hard to walk through the paths. 

There are 4 options to reach the peaks of the mountain as mentioned below:
1.    Ajisaka route (140 minutes)
2.    Cidahu route (90 minutes)
3.    Pasar Rengit route (70 minutes)
4.    Cimelati route (120 minutes)

Quite a number of waterfalls that are considered eerie. However, they’re indeed very beautiful. The waterfalls that are on the mountain are Cigamea, Seribu, Ngumpet, Pangeran, Nangka, Luhur, etc. The sceneries of the forests are extremely good while going from one waterfall to another.

It is indeed a must visit tourist destination and you will have all the joyful time during the day of your visit.


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