Photo: By rochmad setyadi from Jakarta, DKI, Indonesia - flickr: Grassing Yard of Alas Purwo, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Alas Purwo is known as the legendary place and it is considered the spookiest forest on Java Island. A lot of mysteries happened in this forest have been left unsolved.

Alas Purwo National Park is located in Tegaldlimo subdistrict of Bayuwangi Regency and it has the area of 434 kilometers. More than 500 plant species and hundreds of different kinds of wild animals live freely in this protected region.

Because of its beautiful views, many people come to this place for meditation. Especially on Satu Suro night of Javanese calendar, a great number of visitors meditate there. Some come to seek divine inspiration and some would like to improve black magic.

Besides meditation, it is also an ideal place for people to perform Get Rich Ritual. Based on the info, many people like to go to the cave for meditation because they want to pray for wealth and success.

There is a seven-meter grave at Alas Purwo and it is called Mbah Dowo Grave. There isn’t a human skeleton inside the grave, but it’s an ancient spear left by Master Barada. It is considered the holy grave which attracts a lot of workers to pray for health and careers.

It is also considered that Alas Purwo is the world of malevolent spirits. The locals living nearby said that it is true and some have ever met the djinns living there. According to psychics who have extra sensory perception, Alas Purwo is a dangerous place to visit. If you have offended the malevolent spirits, you will go astray and will never come back again.

The apparition of evil spirits
Some people who have ever set foot on Alas Purwo claim that they saw the apparition of malevolent spirits living in that spooky place, such as kuntilanak (a female vampire), genderawo (an apelike evil spirit), etc.

A lot of missing people  
There were a lot of visitors missing in that forest. It is said that if the malevolent spirits feel offended, they’re going to make trouble and won’t let the offenders get out of the forest.

The people in Banyuwangi know a lot about the missing people who never got out again after visiting the forest.

Some believed that the visitors who never came back again had offended the evil spirits and some said the spirits proposed marriage to the visitors and asked them to live with them forever and would never be back to human society. Till now, the remains of the missing people have never been found.

That’s why Alas Purwo is considered the eeriest forest on Java Island. Before you visit there, you had better say your prayers before it is too late.


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