Maron beach is a well-known tourist attraction in Semarang, West Java. The panorama is so wonderful. The gentle breeze spreads the salty smell of the sea and the sound of waves crashing on the shore is one of the most relaxing sounds which will stabilize our moods.

Walking on white sand spreading miles away brings you another indescribable joy. It is a good place to spend your vacation and where you are able to admire the beauty of nature. It is more beautiful at sunset when the fiery ball begins to sink below the horizon. Even ugly things look charming and the beautiful things seem more beautiful than ever.

If you feel hungry, you may buy some delicious seafood at the food stand. There are a lot of food booths selling various kinds of seafood and vegetables.

The son of god money ritual
Besides the beautiful panorama, it is an open secret that Maron beach is the sacred place for people to conduct wealth ritual. The ritual is usually performed at midnight where most of the visitors have already left the beach.

It’s impossible to start the ritual yourself if you’re not very good in black magic. You should hire a priest-doctor to help you do everything you need. Such kind of ritual is bad for karma, you must think twice before you make up your mind.

After the ritual is over, you will get a djinn-kid mystically. It’s invisible and will be the slave of the genie associating with you. You should treat the djinn-kid like your own son or daughter.

Later, your business is going to progress day after day. No matter you run a grocery shop, restaurant or become a motorcycle service technician, you will make a big money with the help of the stealth djinn-kid.


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