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In central Java, there is an ancient grave in Kabongan village, Rembang regency. This old grave belongs to a beautiful young lady who passed away in the days of Majapahit kingdom. The lady’s name is Nyi Puspo Cempoko.

According to the legend, Kabongan village was very fertile and prosperous. However, it was under the control of Majapahit kingdom. The people in Kabongan Rembang should pay tribute to the king every year.

Beyond the prosperity of Rembang regency, there was the sad story of the young lady who became the victim of her authoritarian parents.

One day, the commander of Majapahit paid a visit to Rembang regency. The commander bribed the materialistic parents with gold and silver and declared that he wanted to propose marriage to their beloved daughter.

After knowing the commander’s intention, Nyi Puspo Cempoko left her home at midnight and hid herself in the forest. Then, she lived like a hermit till the end of her life. She was buried by someone who found her dead body in the wild and her grave still exists in this modern era.

A lot of people from different places come to her grave to pray for health, businesses and careers. Usually, they perform a money ritual by the side of the grave. In Indonesian language, this money ritual is called Pesugihan Nyi Puspo Cempoko.

There is an agreement for guys who want to perform money ritual. If a man asks for riches, he should be ready to be Nyi Puspo Cempoko's husband and will never marry another woman in his life.

Besides, he must build a special room in his house for worship. On every Jumát Kliwon night of Javanese calendar, he shoud prepare ritual offerings, such as glutinous rice, chicken eggs, flowers, perfume and incense. None of the family members is allowed to enter this room.

Those who break the agreement will be punished and slowly die in a horrible condition. Later, their souls will be treated as slaves and should work hard every day and night in the other dimension of the world.

If you want to get rich that way, you should pay dearly for it. What is the use of money, if you cannot live happily and fearlessly? There is no free lunch under the sun, as the famous saying goes.


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