Photo: By Ooh.rizkikaj - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=59516360

The word Tanjung means cape and Kelayang means swallow, so Tanjung Kelayang means Swallow Cape. It is about 27 kilometers from Tanjung Pandan (the main town of Belitung Island). You are able to reach there by car or motorcycle and enjoy your leisured drive along the way.

The scenery is beautiful and people always visit there on Sundays. It is very relaxing to sit on the rock, watching the waves roll in to the beach. The wind blows gently and the leaves of coconut trees wave in the warm sunshine.

Various kinds of seafood are sold by fishmongers, such as fish, oysters, crabs, cuttlefish, shrimps, lobsters and others. We can buy some and roast it over a charcoal fire. It has a special taste if the roasted fish or shrimps are flavored with soybean sauce and red pepper. Small kids usually like it a lot and always ask for some more after they have finished eating their portions. Drinking the natural coconut juice is fresher than drinking Coca Cola or Whisky.

It’s enjoyable to walk barefoot along the white sparkling sand stretching miles away. People will be healthier to walk on stony beach which will help massage the soles of their feet. It feels a little painful and uneasy if we aren’t used to it, but it brings a lot of benefits to our health.

Swimming is a kind of healthy exercise, which offers you bodily comfort. The sea is clean and fresh and hasn’t been polluted by any kind of chemical substances. It is safe and free from shark attack.

Many visitors are fond of having sunburn after swimming. If you are interested in scuba diving, you can have a look at the bottom of the sea where there’re a great number of beautiful fishes swimming around you. Some unknown creatures are hiding beyond the coral reefs and sea plants. What an amazing view it is!

A lot of speed boats can be hired for traveling to the nearby small islands, such as Pulau Babi (Boar Island), Pulau Burung (Bird Island) and so on. There’re some places on those islands, which are believed to be the source of supernatural power and are guarded by genies. Some people go there to pray for riches as they feel life is hard and full of misfortune.

It is so nice to sit on the beach and look at the sunset. At this moment, everything looks wonderful. The fiery ball sinks slowly in the west and its purple rays light up the sky with a golden glow. The color of the sea is changing from light to dark blue. Birds fly home to feed their babies with worms and the fishermen return with full loads of fish.

The beach is far away from the tumult and uproar of city life. The fresh air that we take in every of our breath will make us full of spirit and it purifies our mind. It is advisable and beneficial to live closer to nature.

It is indeed a good idea to enjoy yourself and release your mental burden caused by hard work, so that you will look younger and energetic the following day.


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