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Parangtritis beach is situated in Kretek subdistrict of Bantul Regency. It is about 27 kilometers from the central part of Yogyakarta City.

It is very convenient to reach this tourist attraction as public transportation is reliable and punctual. Most people like going there at sunset. The scenery is so beautiful while the purple rays of the sun break through the clouds, throwing light over the surface of the sea and the screams of seagulls are so pleasant.

Standing on the edge of the cliff, you’ll be able to witness the panorama of the beach and admire the greatness of the Creator. There you’ll find the remains of a temple and it is called Candi Gembirawati. It is located on the east side of the cliff and it’s just a few meters away from the beach.

Based on the Javanese belief, Parangtritis beach has a spiritual relationship with the Queen of the Southern Sea. If you visit there one day, you may stay at Queen of the South Hotel. It’s indeed a good name inspired by the legend.

Parangtritis beach is also considered the entrance of the Southern Sea Kingdom. The locals believe that if a person arrives there wearing black clothes, he or she will get accident.

It is said that the name of Parangtritis has its own story and it happened in the era of Majapahit kingdom. At that time, a prince of Majapahit ran away from the palace and arrived at the beach. While he was meditating, he saw water dropping out of the gap of the rock. Because of this, he named the place Parangtritis.

Driving All Terrain Vehicle or riding a horse along the beach is really playful. Your vacation will be more meaningful and joyful. If you are interested in aeromodelling, you can hire a model plane to fly.

Taking a hot water bath to relax
Parangwedang is the spa where you are able to enjoy hot mineral-rich spring water. It has great advantages to bathe in sulfuric mineral water because it can heal skin diseases. A lot of people like soaking themselves in hot mineral water. It’s good for blood circulation and makes your heart stronger. Especially for the ones having a stressful lifestyle, the hot water bath will make them sleep well in the evening.

The food vendors and the souvenir booths on the beach
After walking barefoot along the white sparkling sand, you may stay at the warung or food stands to enjoy seafood, fried sweet corn, satays, siomay, young coconut juice, etc. It’s a good idea to buy and take some souvenirs and handicrafts home with you.

Nyi Roro Kidul, Queen of the Southern Sea
It’s not taboo if you bring some ritual offerings to the beach. A lot of people do that and they come to pray for good fortune, health, businesses and carreers.

First of all, you find a quiet place and spread a mat on the sand. Take out all the things and put them on the mat. Usually, the ritual offerings are glutinous rice, young coconut juice, arrack, flowers, perfume and incense. You can also bring some beef, fried chicken, mutton, brandy and so on, if you have much money.

Later, you have to focus your mind and concentrate only on the problem you’re facing. Close your eyes, say your wishes in your heart with truthful manner.

Having finished doing this, you may give away the food to people around there. Finally you’ve time to sit on the rock comfortably, watching the sun setting below the horizon and listening to the sounds of the sea.


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