The paranormal phenomena can’t be explained by scientific laws. Perhaps one day, the scientists will find out the ways to track them. No matter where you go, you’ll often hear something concerning supernatural phenomena.

The cost of living in big city is highly expensive. Everything is very costly and the rent is so damn high. Though you’re very creative and hardworking, it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll have a good job and enough salary to maintain a high quality life.

Due to economic difficulty, some people become discouraged and fall into desperation. They don’t have much strength and spirit to compete with others. However, they always dream to be rich and enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. The only hope is to shortcut the way to success. That’s why they go to seek money ritual to get rich quickly.

Pesugihan Babi Ngepet or The Boar Demon Money Ritual is well known throughout the Indonesian archipelago. I’ve often heard that since I was a little boy. Many people still go to find it everywhere in this modern world. This is the fastest way to make money and it doesn’t need much effort.

It will be too hard for you to find it yourself and the safest way is to pay a dukun to go with you. The dukun you ask for help should be the real one who possesses supernatural power. You should be very cautious and selective as there’re tons of fake dukuns cheating for money out there.

If the dukun detects the place where the boar demon lives, he will contact that supernatural being spiritually. Generally, the demon will show the terms and conditions to the person requesting the ritual.

If the requester agrees, the boar demon will ask him to come on Jumát Kliwon night for achieving the supernatural power of Babi Ngepet. It’s not easy because the person’s body should meet the qualification of the black magic. Otherwise, it will be too dangerous and he will probably suffer disability. After he succeeded in achieving the black magic power, he is able to transform himself into a wild boar and ready to go out to steal money.

The ritual of stealing money should be held on a quiet night. The magic power will transform the human body into a wild boar and then go out to steal some money from rich people’s houses.

Whenever the wild boar is roaming everywhere to find its target, there should be an assistant to help him keep watching the candlelight in his house. The assistant can be his wife or one of the family members. If the candle starts flickering, it’s the warning that the wild boar may have problem on his way. In this situation, the assistant should blow out the candle immediately. While the candle is blown out, the wild boar will be able to retransform himself back to human being.

Unlike tuyul, a babi ngepet doesn’t need to sneak in someone’s house to steal money. He just needs to rub his body against the wall of the house and he will get the money magically.

What will happen if the assistant falls asleep, letting the candle flicker violently? If this happens, probably the babi ngepet will be caught and beaten to death. Then, the soul of the dead person will be taken to the boar empire and becomes slave forever.


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