Slamaran beach is one of the most attractive places to visit. It is on the east of Pasir Kencana beach. It can be reached by yacht through the estuary of Nusantara Fishery Harbor and it is only 5 km from Pekalongan bus station.

It is extremely good for people living in big city to spend their vacations on this wonderland. You’ll experience the indescribable sensation while you’re walking on white sand in the warm sunshine. Breathing fresh air and enjoying the gentle blow of the wind is the wonderful way to release tension. You’ll feel exceedingly relaxed by viewing small fishing boats floating in the blue sea far away from the beach.

Slamaran beach is three and a half hectares in size, facilitated by wide parking lot, restaurants, food stalls and motorboat rental.

The legend of Dewi Lanjar (Queen of the North Sea)
This legend is very popular in Pekalongan and it has been handed down from generation to generation. Everything that happened at the beach can be more or less connected with the legend. If a kid drowned in the sea, the locals will say that the kid was taken away by the Queen of the North Sea.

Selling crow meat to the djinns
Besides beautiful panorama, there’s the money ritual that will lead the believers to the way of success. Many people like it because there is no human sacrifice (tumbal) in the ritual. None of your family members will die after you have performed the get rich ritual.

You should be mentally strong as you will face a lot of roaming spirits and djinns with awful appearances. You have to sell crow meat satays at the location where the ghosts and djinns hang out.

The things you have to prepare are black crow, spices and non alcoholic perfume. But please don’t do it yourself, you should be accompanied by a shaman with strong magic power. First of all, you need to kill the crow and use its meat to make satays.

The shaman will guide you to the appropriate location where you may cook your satays over a fire. Not long after that, you’ll see a lot of roaming spirits and djinns come to buy satays. At the critical moment, you should keep calm and don’t be frightened by their dreadful appearances.

The ritual comes to the end after you have finished selling the crow satays. Later, you may take a rest on the beach. Perhaps you need a cigarette or a cup of coffee to make yourself relax. 

Not all the ritual performers will succeed if they aren’t brave enough to face such incorporeal spirits. Most of them will run away as they cannot overcome the fear arises from the perception of danger.

The experience of selling crow satays
An old man (Mr. Achmad) told me that he performed such a ritual forty years ago. He cooked his satays over a charcoal fire. Smoke with sweet smell of the meat filled the air of that location. But there weren’t any scary spirits or djinns came to buy his crow satays.

Half an hour later, four men holding beer bottles approached him. The staggering steps of these guys made him feel worry. His heart was beating hard, his legs trembled and drops of sweat rolled down his face.

One of the drunk men said, “Good evening my friend, the smell is so sweet.”
Mr. Achmad said, “Do you want some?”
Another man replied, “Oh yeah, we would like to buy all your satays.”
Mr. Achmad, nodded, “Okay man, it’s all for you.”

The drunk men walked away with unstable steps after buying the crow satays. They ate and chugged beer while they were staggering to their feet and disappeared in the shades of evening.


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