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Mount Kawi or Gunung Kawi is a very famous tourist attraction in Indonesia and South East Asia. It is located in Wonogiri village in East Java.

A lot of tourists from different places and countries come to this place for Money Ritual. It is said that there were some businessmen who became extremely rich after the ritual. However, not all the people performing the ritual will be wealthy afterwards.

Suriname Cherry Leaf
If you sit under a cherry tree and a few pieces of cherry leaves fall upon you, it has a strong probability that you will be rich very soon. This is one of the popular myths at Mount Kawi.

Some naughty guys will hide in the shady trees, pick a few cherry leaves and throw them down. The leaves seem to fall naturally, so that the people waiting under the trees will raise their hands and struggle to catch the cherry leaves, hoping that they will be rich in the near future.

Eyang Jugo and Eyang Sujo (The two holy men)
According to Javanese calendar, Jumát Legi is the day of Eyang Jugo’s funeral and 12th of the month of Suro is the date for commemorating Eyang Sujo’s death. On these days, a great number of pilgrims come to worship. They put the ritual offerings, such as: glutinous rice, cakes, arrack and tea on the altar and burn joss sticks. Some of them meditate for hours, days or months.

The antique jars
There are two antique jars left by Eyang Jugo. In the olden days, the jars were used for keeping holy water. The villagers living near Mount Kawi named the holy water Jam Jam. Nowadays the antique jars are put by the side of the holy tomb. Drinking the holy water in these jars is good for rejuvenation.

The shrine of Prabu Sri Kameswara
The shrine is located at the height of 700 meters and it needs half an hour to reach there from Eyang Jugo’s tomb. There is a remains of palace which was used by Prabu Kameswara for meditation. He believed in Hinduism and was the prince of Kediri kingdom. It is said that after Prabu Sri Kameswara completed his meditation, he was able to solve the political problems in his country. Now, the shrine is used for worship and Money Ritual.


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