Mount Srandil is the awesome historical heritage which is well known throughout the world. Because of its uniqueness and attractiveness, it is one of the most popular tourist attractions.

Besides nature and cultural tourism, there is also the spiritual journey which will let you experience the harmony of body, mind, emotions and inner spirit.

Mount Srandil is situated in Glempang Pasir village, Adipala subdistrict of Central Java. It is about 30 kilometres from Cilacap, quite convenient to go there by car or by Cilacap-Jatijajar-Kebumen public bus.

Every day, this sacred site is visited by a great number of pilgrims from other islands, such as Bali, Sumatra, Sulawesi and Kalimantan. Each has his or her own reasons to come and meditates on Jumát Kliwon or Selasa Kliwon night of Javanese calendar.

Who were the first inhabitants?
It is said that Sultan Mukhriti, the second son of Dewi Sari Banon Ratu Sumenap from East Java was the first inhabitant of Mount Srandil. His shrine is on the east side of this place.

There is another version of the legend tells us that Kunci Sari and Dana Sari were Prince Diponegoro's soldiers who didn’t want to surrender to the Royal Dutch Army and fled to Mount Srandil. Both became the first inhabitants there. The two soldiers were then buried on the east side of Mount Srandil. Nowadays, both the graves are enclosed with fence and Kunci Sari is known as Sukma Sejati or the True Spirit.

There are quite a lot of holy tombs at Mount Srandil. These tombs are considered sacred and likely to be visited.

Whenever you make a pilgrimage to Mount Srandil and if you stay there overnight, one of the rituals is to walk circling the mountain at midnight. The ritual takes place at about 00:00 till 03:00 am. You may bring flowers, chicken eggs, honey, incense and perfume to the ritual, but it isn’t a must.

According to some information, pilgrims need to walk anticlockwise. It means we're going to walk pass the supernatural beings. As we are chanting the holy verses or keep saying our wishes and then they will hear our words. The kind hearted supernatural beings will help us send our messages to God, so He will respond our prayers quickly.

The ritual of circling Mount Srandil should be ended in odd number, such as 3 times, 9 times or 21 times.


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