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If you like graveyard walking tour, you may go to visit Jeruk Purut Cemetery in South Jakarta. It is not difficult to find the location. The locals know this place very well and you can also use Google maps to guide you to this site.

Jeruk Purut Cemetery has become well known since 2006. Koya Pagayo, the film director successfully introduced Jeruk Purut Ghost, which tells us that a headless pastor and his dog often walk around the cemetery at night. The poor beheaded pastor is unable to find his tomb, causing him to roam everywhere at midnight.

The popularity of this movie has promoted such area to be a night tour location. Young people like going there to test how brave they are and see whether their friends have enough guts to stay there in the evening.

Some of them go to that place to find the headless pastor and others just like to feel the sensation of goosebumps growing on the skin.

Many years ago, I usually took the shortcut after I finished teaching a Dutch woman Mandarin language. One afternoon while I was riding my motorbike on the way through the cemetery, it began to rain. As I didn’t bring my raincoat, I had to stop at the coffee kiosk till the rain subsided.

I met an old man who worked as the janitor. He told me a lot of stories about that burial ground. He was a good story teller and what he mentioned impressed me so much. He said he was often visited by journalists or film makers who wanted to know more about the cemetery. It was of course a great pleasure to him to explain everything he knew that could be helpful to other people.

Jeruk Purut Cemetery was founded in 1978. It covers an area of 13 hectares and is considered a very spooky and mystical spot.

“If you want to see a ghost, you just need to sit there at nighttime and it won’t let you down,” said the janitor.

A woman ghost with a hole on her back can be seen under a kaffir lime tree. This ghost likes wearing white clothes. She has tousled hair, pale face and dark circles around her eyes as if she had been struck by heavy blows.

It is said that an apelike spirit often reveals itself at the old well. He has green face with two glowing red eyes and a mouthful of sharp teeth, but he is used to walking slowly. People call this awful spirit genderawo.

The headless pastor and his dog is the most popular horror story of Jerut Purut Cemetery. In 1986, Supri (the caretaker) who took care of the graveyard saw a headless pastor walking his dog at midnight. Among all the horror stories, the headless pastor and his dog is the most well-known. If you have the guts, you may go there with some of your friends. Remember, the number of your friends should be odd. It should be 3, 5, 7 or 9 people.

Hantu Jeruk Purut Reborn 2017
The Hantu Jeruk Purut Reborn 2017 is the second successful horror movie directed by Koya Pagayo. It tells us that the incident happened after Jenny’s father was buried in that cemetery. Problems occurred when the family members and friends reached home after the funeral.

Farah perceived that a ghost was going to harm her, so she went to tell Reno. Reno didn’t believe what she said; however, the ghost came to intimidate him one evening. Jenny experienced the same thing too.

Jenny and Farah were at a loss, they tried to find out how to make peace with that ethereal being. They spent a lot of time surfing the Web for helpful information and asked people how to solve the problem.

Airin was also terrified by ghosts from that cemetery ten years ago, so that Reno went to seek help from her. Though it had already been ten years since that unpleasant happening, Airin still owned an unforgettable trauma. She was sorry that she didn’t have enough courage to help her friends.

As they were too anxious to find a way out, Reno asked Farah and Jenny to visit Jeruk Purut Cemetery directly. On the way, Farah couldn’t overcome the fear and died after being hit by a car.

After hearing Farah’s death, Airin came to meet Reno and Jenny to give them the information of the beheaded pastor. The ghost was upset because a pair of rings kept by his decendant was separated. After knowing this matter, Reno and Jenny intended to help the headless pastor bring the separated rings to unity.

Their friend, Airin, who refused to help came back to give them helpful information after Farah’s death. Then why did she come back to help?

Perhaps someday, there will be the Hantu Jeruk Nipis Horror entertaining us at the movie theaters.


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