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Indonesia has a lot of urban legends and all of them are very interesting and amusing. A great many people like listening and reading urban tales. Some are glad to collect horror stories, goosebumps rituals, rural and urban myths. This is something like a hobby of collecting antiques and they also write weird stories in their spare time to escape reality.

One of the eeriest places in Jakarta is Casablanca Tunnel. The citizens are curious to know why the ghost stories of this place are so well known.

Casablanca Tunnel is an underpass at Kuningan, South Jakarta. It is said that the location was in fact a mass grave before the tunnel was built.

The authorities relocated the remains for building the highway. While the workers were digging, they discovered a corpse was in its undecomposed condition.

After the underpass was completely built, some drivers had strange experiences while they were passing the Casablanca Tunnel. Many people believe that the souls of the dead are still there.

The Casablanca Tunnel is so humid and eerie. According to some motorcyclists, they sometimes smell the fragrance of rose and frangipani. All of a sudden, the temperature becomes colder at the time they pass through the tunnel at midnight.

Some drivers claimed that they had seen a pontianak in white clothes waving at them. Legend has it a woman had become a rape victim and was killed by a group of criminals long before the underpass was built. The ghost always reveals herself as a wrinkled old woman with one of her eyes hanging out of its socket. Though the crime took place hundreds of years ago, she is still there waiting to get her revenge.

A rumor has surfaced that there’s the spirit of a hanged man at the entrance of Jakarta Casablanca Tunnel. The hanged man often shows himself when it is full moon. It’s quite common to hear that ghosts always have a strong connection with moon. It’ll be a fly in the ointment if a horror movie has no moonlight in it.

The underpass feels haunted as it is an accident prone location. Drivers should be in full concentration while they’re passing through the Casablanca Tunnel. A little carelessness will end up in doom. Everyone shouldn’t be absent minded or sleepy while driving a car or riding a motorcycle.

Due to the popularity of its scary stories, the film makers made a horror movie named The Casablanca Tunnel aka The Love and Hate of a Pontianak.

In the story, a pregnant woman was knocked down and buried alive by her boyfriend in a graveyard near the apartment. Because of the influence of the evil power of Satan, the dead body became a pontianak and usually wandered around the graveyard in the moonlight.

A dukun caught her and hit a nail in her head to control her spirit. Therefore, she looked like a human being and nobody knew that she was a pontianak. She couldn’t use her supernatural power to take revenge for her death.

One evening, she was able to pull out the nail at the top of her skull. After pulling out the nail, she got her power back and successfully sent the murderer to hell.

The Casablanca horror movie directed by Nanang Istiabudi starred the Indonesian top actors and actresses and was quite popular in 2007. Movie lovers talked about this horror movie everywhere.


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