Buyung Rock (Batu Buyung) is located at the end of the south of Belitung Island. It is 110 kilometers from Tanjung Pandan and it can be reached by car or motorcycle. It is one of the tourist attractions that most tourists like to visit.

Batu Buyung is a round and big rock. It has a unique shape and lies on another big flat surface rock. The locals say that it has a miraculous magic power. A lot of people went there to pray for lottery numbers in the era of New Order where state-owned lottery was still legal. They hoped they would be lucky enough to win a lot of money.

It is said that the shape of Buyung rock was as small as a baby’s head when Majapahit Kingdom was in power.

One day, a troop of Majapahit soldiers discovered a new island during a mission of territorial expansion. All the soldiers and workers on the warship were mesmerized by the beauty of that island. They stopped working and began to keep an eye on it, but weren’t brave enough to set foot on that mysterious island immediately. They were worried that some enemies would be hiding in the bushes, waiting for them to fall into the trap.

When they returned to Java Island, the commander of the soldiers reported to the King about their discovery of the new island. After listening to what the commander said, the King felt that it was necessary to take action.

Then a short meeting was held to determine whether they had to put a sign to clarify that the island belonged to their kingdom. At the end of the meeting, the king ordered his commander to design a symbol of love and it should have the size of a baby’s head.

Having got the king’s order, the commander instructed his workers to shape a heart with hearthstone and attached a long chain to it. It was the symbol of binding the new island and Java Island together.

As everything was prepared, the soldiers took the long journey to that mysterious island.  They divided themselves into two groups after they had put down the heart shaped stone. One group stayed there as the guards of that island, and the other sailed back to Java Island.

The heart shaped stone grew bigger day after day. Hundreds of years later, it finally reached the size of a big rock. It will roll into the sea if somebody who has been predestined comes to push it.

The guardian spirits of Buyung Rock are Bujang Tanggok, Taopekong Gambar Melayang and Penderas Kilat di Awan.

The spirits will grant all our wishes if we’re able to pass all the magical tests through a deep meditation.

It is too hard to believe that a big rock on a slant won’t roll down to the sea by itself. A lot of visitors tried to push it, but it didn’t move even an inch. If you don’t believe, you may go there to prove it yourself.

Somebody said that he had seen a handsome man with a flute sitting by the side of the rock. It seemed that he was waiting for someone. Perhaps he was waiting for his good friend or just kept an eye on that Buyung Rock. The passerby wasn’t a flutist; otherwise, he would probably be invited to join that mysterious guy for a cup of coffee.


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