Photo: By Ian Robertson, CC BY-SA 2.0,

If you take a tour from Tanjung Pandan to Manggar, you may pass Genting Apit because it is the shortcut that will save a lot of your precious time. Belitung people call that location the middle way or jalan tengah.

Genting Apit is considered a ghostly place in Belitung. The small road is in S curve and it allows vehicles to travel in both directions. It will be very difficult to control your car or motorcycle if you don’t slow down your vehicle at the time you reach the sharp bend. Especially when a car or truck from the opposite direction also drives at high speed, collision will be too hard to avoid.

Besides the dangerous twist, Genting Apit is well known for its creepy atmosphere. It isn’t easy to recall the number of car accidents ever happened at this location. According to the information, some of the victims suddenly saw a strange creature cross the road. The drivers were badly frightened and they lost control of their cars. Some said the incorporeal spirit was in the shape of a golden monkey and others explained that it looked like a boar or a pig.

According to the folklore, this supernatural being is a giant wild hog which is ten times bigger than a buffalo and it is called Limpai. Such a monster is very aggressive and is fond of attacking drivers or passersby.

Whenever the wind blows unusually hard, it is the symptom of the presence of Limpai and he likes leading a singular of boars to cross the road. I often passed there when I went to Manggar, but I never met those awful supernatural swine.

If you say Kik Cuan out loud, you’ll be safe because these evil wild boars are afraid of hearing this name. Many say that Kik Cuan was an old man with long white beard who possessed an extraordinary strong magic power.

Long ago, Kik Cuan’s daughter went to her friend’s wedding party and she was killed and eaten by a sounder of feral hogs.

Kik Cuan was very angry, so he went to meet the leader of the wild pigs to take revenge for his daughter’s death. Limpai was so powerful that he was able to puff venomous smoke out of his nostrils. None of the victims survived after smelling the harmful smoke. A lot of people died and those who were alive lost all their memories. 

Kik Cuan made up his mind that he should get rid of this monster. They fought from midnight to daybreak and Kik Cuan won the fight at last. While Limpai was dying, he shouted loudly that all his descendants would be enemies of the people who have family or friend relationship with the old man.

After the death of Limpai, the villagers went in the forest and started hunting boars. Till now, the locals still go hunting at the weekends. Whenever you go in the forest, you will find a lot of boar traps.

If you want to learn how to hunt boar, the locals will be very pleased to teach you and ask you to go with them. While you are walking in the forest, you should keep a sharp lookout for not falling into the trap.

Some hunters sell wild swine meat for a living. Many Jakartans fly to Belitung to spend their weekends and go to the restaurants to enjoy eating roasted pork. They say Belitung boar meat is the most delicious and has a different taste.

Some people are very fond of seeking wild boar tusks. They believe it has the power of protecting human body from witchcraft. If you smoke, you can go to a souvenir shop to buy a carved boar tusk cigarette holder. It is very artistic and I’m sure you will like it.

Whenever you visit Belitung Island and pass Genting Apit, please don’t forget to say Kik Cuan for your safety.


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