Perhaps the most well-known tourist destination in Indonesia is Bali Island. It is famous for its beautiful nature, Balinese food and unique culture. Domestic and international tourists are happy to spend their days on Kuta beach (Pantai Kuta).

The beauty of Pantai Kuta is so amazing and you may have a lot of activities with your friends and family, such as swimming, wind surfing, snorkeling, fishing, scuba diving, etc. I’m sure it will be part of your unforgettable experiences which will keep on living in your memory.

Besides the beauty of nature, Bali possesses a great number of mystic stories and its mystical aura can also be felt at certain places on this beautiful island. One of the creepy locations that I would like to share with you is the Abandoned Ghost Palace at Bedugul.

This big hotel was built in the era of New Order. It is only 50 km from the north of Kuta and 65 km from I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport.

However, it was abandoned in 2007 before its grand opening and has become the residence of the spiritual beings. The creepiness of this abandoned hotel goes viral after a travel writer called Jacob Laukaitis visited it in 2015 and uploaded his video to YouTube.

The negative energy is so strong that even ordinary people can easily feel it. While you’re in the hotel, you’ll sense that it’s more horrifying than any scary movies you have ever seen in your life.

A great number of creepy stories have added the eeriness of this place since it became well-known throughout the archipelago. Some said that there was an accident which killed a worker when the hotel was under construction. Afterwards, that worker’s ghost became frustrated and started roaming around the hotel.

Rumour has it that the guardian spirit of this abandoned hotel is a long haired female ghost. She often appears in the night and scares the young guys passing by.

Besides all the above-mentioned, people often hear festivities take place inside that location. The noise heard in the dead of night were as if to tell you that the hotel was crowded with guests.

No matter what the rumours are, a lot of international and domestic tourists still intend to explore this haunted area. If you’re interested, you may pass this Ghost Palace in the evening and the negative waves are going to sweep your skin and make hair stand up on end.

As it raises curiosity, this location has been listed as creepy attraction in Bali. It’s not true that the hotel is located in the forest. On the contrary, it faces the main road and there is a pinery on the hillside behind this hotel.

Because of its creepiness, it starts attracting foreign and domestic tourists. When you reach the location, the keeper will ask your intention. You just need to give him some money and tell him you want to go in to have a look.

It is also said that the locals use this opportunity to sell tickets to tourists who would like to visit this site. If you drive a car, you need to pay the parking fee too.

Perhaps you will be very disappointed whenever you go inside the abandoned hotel. Grasses grow everywhere and the lack of maintenance causes the building to deteriorate. It’s hard for you to have a chance to meet ghosts, but the stuffy smell will make you feel like vomiting.

Recently, a paranormal investigation team hired by a movie production company went to explore every corner of this Ghost Palace at midnight. One of the cameramen told me that his sophisticated night vision camera didn’t work properly. The errors occurred whenever he took a photo or wanted to shoot video. He felt chills crept over his backbone and his body shivered all the time. He asked me whether I knew the best way to shield oneself from exposure to negative vibration. I shook my head and said: “If I were a dukun, I would show you the amulet for your safety.”

Those who like going to such a spooky place should be abnormal. I don’t see anything good inside this very dark and ugly building at night. I would rather go to the sidewalk cafĂ© to have a cup of coffee or eat a bowl of indomie telor.


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