Storks at Ragunan Zoo
One of the ideal places to spend our holidays is the zoo. Parents tend to take their children to the zoological garden where they can see a great number of beautiful and attractive animals. Walking on the pathway in the shade of the trees is a good physical exercise, which gives a lot of benefits to our health.

Ragunan Zoo is located in Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta. It covers the area of 140 hectares and has a collection of wild animal specimens. It’s the first zoological garden in Indonesia and was founded under the name Planten En Dierentuin in 1864. At that time, the zoo was under the management of the Batavia Wildlife Lovers Association.

In 1949, the name Planten En Dierentuin was changed to Cikini Zoo and it was moved to Ragunan, Pasar Minggu subdistrict, South Jakarta City.

Ragunan Zoo was officially launched by Major General Ali Sadikin, the Governor of the Special Capital Region of Jakarta on 22nd June 1966, under the name Taman Margasatwa Ragunan (Ragunan Zoological Garden.)

The name of the zoo had been changed several times and in the year 2010, the name was changed to Local Public Service Agency of Ragunan Zoo. In 2015 and under the regional regulation, the name was changed to Kantor Pengelola Taman Margasatwa Ragunan (Management Office of Ragunan Zoological Garden.)

Reflexology Park
It is the place for visitors who want to relieve stress and anxiety and improve blood flow by walking on the stony ground. This is a kind of powerful therapy that can heal illnesses and make the organs of the body stronger and strengthen immune system. It’s much better than having medicines all the time that will bring some side effects to our bodies.

In the middle of the pool, there’re the orangutan, elephant and komodo giant sized statues. It’s a very good location for people to spend the holidays with families and friends.

Children’s Animals Park
The animals in this park are very cute and smart and they’re well liked by kids. Pirarucu, the giant fish of Amazonian rivers and lakes that weighs 100 kg can be seen in a large aquarium. The parrots are very keen to reproduce human voices. There’re also the condrophyton, capybara, unique spider web, etc.

Bike rental
Whenever you’re tired of walking, you may have a look at the bicycle rental place. Perhaps you need a bike to ride and it’s nicer than riding a motorbike. It is also a good place for visitors who want to learn how to ride a bicycle.

Camel riding
A lot of tourists like riding camels as if they were traveling in the Sahara desert. While riding the camels, they’re probably fantasizing how exciting it should be when the Merchant of Venice traveled along the Silk Road, the ancient trade routes stretching across Central Asia to Europe thousands of years ago.

The Swan Boat Lake
It’s a 200 m2 artificial lake that has some man-made islets in the middle. Tourists can pedal the swan-boats in the lake. The water is clean and fishes can be seen swimming by the sides of their boats.

The Animal Stage
We can see animals demonstrating their skills in front of the visitors. When I was there, I saw a parrot that was very skillful at playing colored rings and a bear could ride a bicycle like a man did. It was so amusing and all the onlookers couldn’t help laughing and clapping.

Food stall at Ragunan Zoo
Besides all that mentioned above, there are still lots of interesting places inside the zoo that you should go to visit. There’re food stalls selling delicious foods and drinks to people who feel hungry after spending hours in the zoo.


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