The Bounty Beach Bungalow Resort located on Gili Meno Island was very famous in the early 2000s.  A lot of tourists went there to spend their vacations as it offered the guests excellent services and facilities.

It was the place where people could feel at one with nature. They felt that they were free from the burdens of life while looking at the birds flew over the sea and listening to the sound of waves crashing on the beach. It was far away from the crowd and no one would come to bother them.

Now, it is abandoned by its owner and it becomes unoccupied. Tourists are reluctant to go there. As it lacks maintenance, many parts of the buildings start deteriorating. Only some weird guys who are fond of horror go to spend their holidays at this awful place.

You may go by ferry, speedboat or airplane from Bali. When you arrive, the inhabitants will be very glad to take you to that abandoned bungalow resort. Of course, you need to pay them some money and they will serve you as if you were a king or queen. Perhaps they won’t accompany you to stay there very long because many of them are still superstitious.

The Bounty Beach Club Bungalow Resort ceased operations in 2002, perhaps the Bali bombings had ruined the business. Rumour has it the owner of the resort died mysteriously and abnormally. Some say that a ghost seized his neck like that of a goose till the end of his breath.

The spirit of the dead owner has never rested in peace and often appears in the form that is extremely terrible and scary. Some guys who stayed there heard the severe cough of a sick man. It was heard as Uhuk ……...Uhuk…………. Ehm ……… Ehm ……….Ehm …………. It was like someone suffering from highly contagious tuberculosis.

The Bounty Beach Club of today is very quiet and miserable. If you’re lucky, you’ll meet one or two tourists who are interested in observing eerie places. Possibly they are the professors or students of spiritual metaphysics who go there to complete their assignments.

Grass grows around the swimming pool and frogs might jump out of their hiding place while you come closer. The rain water which remains in the pool is an ideal habitat for mosquitoes to lay eggs.

Possibly the anopheles mosquitoes also live around the swimming pool, waiting for someone coming to look at the dirty water. That’s why it is recommended that you shouldn’t visit this location in the rainy season.

There is a dark corridor behind the swimming pool. You will sense that someone in the dark is watching you if you keep looking through the corridor. You’ll get goosebumps and your scalp thickens.

Some tourists who were fond of horror tour claimed that they had seen the apparition of the owner of the resort standing in the dark corridor. He looked as though he was willing to tell them a secret.

However, the spirit was too ugly and dreadful and he scared away the people he was willing to communicate with. They didn't have the guts to interact with such an incorporeal spirit.


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