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The Queen Harbour or Pelabuhan Ratu is one of the well known beaches which is usually visited by domestic and international tourists. It is located at Pelabuhanratu bay and it’s about 60 km from the capital of Sukabumi. As it shares the border with Indian Ocean, the sea is rough and dangerous.

Tourists should be very careful because a lot of people drowned after being struck by massive waves. Sometimes the sea looks calm, but the underwater currents are so extreme and awful.

The beautiful panorama and the high waves attract a great many world class surfers to demonstrate their skills. Rocks that jut out into the sea become the ideal location for fishing.

The restaurants and food stalls sell various delicious food and drink. There’re also the cheap and five-star hotels. It’s worth staying overnight and enjoy seeing the view of this beach by night.

While walking on the sand beach, you can see the sparkling lights of the fishing boats and the light house in the distance. Perhaps it’s not so interesting to visit the fish market in the daytime, but it turns to be so attractive with its fascinating lights in the evening.

The legend says that Pelabuhan Ratu is the territory of Goddess of the South Sea. Nyi Roro Kidul has long been known and is frequently associated with wisdom and knowledge and the symbol of beauty.

If you make up your mind to stay and find something mysterious and incredible, you may give the Grand Inna Samudra Beach Hotel a try. It is said that this hotel is often visited by businessmen, celebrities and politicians.

The 308 room always attracts visitors’ attention and possesses an indescribable aura of mystery. There is a drawing of Nyi Roro Kidul and her green gown in the room. This room has been made sacred and is only for the Queen of the South Sea.

However, you can still go in and take a look inside the room. The manager of the hotel welcomes every of the guests to perform a ritual in 308 room after having the permission.

The appearance of Nyi Roro Kidul at Queen Harbour is often seen by the inhabitants. Some strange events which ended up in the loss of life were also considered as having a close connection with ritual sacrifice.

According to some sources of information, there’s a rock resembling the shape of a chair where Nyi Roro Kidul habitually sits.

There is a ceremony called the Fishermen’s Day and is usually held in April. It’s a traditional ritual which uses a buffalo’s head, Javanese grilled chicken, money and agricultural products as the ritual offerings.

The fishermen believe that they will have a better living and be away from disaster after performing the ritual. This is also a form of thanksgiving, showing that they’re grateful for the luck that God has given to them.

The social media stated that Nining, a middle aged woman was swept away by strong waves at Queen Harbour. Her family and neighbours thought that she had already died. 18 months later, some people found her lying on the sand beach and the shirt and trousers she wore were exactly the same as the ones when she got drowned and drifted out to sea.

A social rehabilitation center claimed that they had found a woman who looked like Nining. She suffered mental disorder and was taken to hospital for treatment. She escaped from the hospital after two months. People do hope that there will be a rational explanation for all this happening.

Rumour has it that somebody who survived drowning had visited the South Sea Kingdom, where there were a great number of crab and shrimp soldiers holding three pronged spears at the palace. The general of the troops was an old turtle.

The Queen intended to take that guy to be her slave and should work hard to grind soybeans every day and night. Fortunately the man’s ancestors had done a lot of good deeds, so that he was released and back to life.


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