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Bandung is the capital of West Java province. Besides heavy traffic and glamorous nightlife, it has a lot of urban legends. One of the popular creepy stories is the Ghost Ambulance.

People love reading modern horror because they feel as if they were experiencing all the scary events in the books they’re reading. It’s so enjoyable while you’re reading your ghost story at midnight on the weekend. It will be more challenging to read on Friday the 13th night.

Rumor has it that a Dutch family got a car accident and all the family members died on the spot. An ambulance took the dead bodies to the funeral home. The next day, the ambulance was parked in front of the late family’s house. The ambulance was taken back to the hospital several times, but it kept returning to the same place by itself.

Another story tells that the ambulance was a minibus before it was modified. The hospital bought it from a mechanic. However, the machine didn’t work after the vehicle was taken to the hospital. Therefore, the ambulance was towed away and parked in front of a house a few kilometers from the hospital. It was strange that the engine started while a driver pushed the start button.

In 2008, three young guys who wanted to open a distribution store rented the house. They named their store Ambulance Shop. The ambulance in front of the house was covered with a car cover.

The myth benefited the distribution store, especially when “The House of Ambulance Ghost” was in theaters. A lot of people came to buy things as they were curious about the story of the ambulance ghost.

The owners of the store said that they had never experienced any supernatural occurrences. Afterwards, the Ambulance Shop ceased operations and was replaced by shoe store, travel agent office and barbershop.

Later, the old ambulance was taken out of the city at the request of the house owner’s son and it didn’t drive itself back to its rightful house in Bandung.

A car club called Munir Parung Motor located in Bogor bought the rusted ambulance. Then, the awful ambulance was auctioned on facebook and was sold at the price of 40 million rupiahs.

The House of Ambulance Ghost directed by Koya Pagayo was released on February 21, 2008 and was starred by Suzanna, Dimas Andrean, Ratna Galih, Fitri Ayu Maresa and William Alvin. This is the last film of Suzanna who passed away on October 15, 2008.

Rano’s mother (Gina) performed a money ritual to improve her family finance. The ritual required human life for sacrifice. One day, the demon accused Gina of being negligent in providing the sacrifice. A great disaster came upon Gina, one by one of her family members died. Rano was the only survivor as God didn’t want the family to go extinct.

Fifteen years later, Rano and his three friends (Dicky, Ocha and Popi) moved from Jakarta to Bandung to continue their studies. They rented a house near the campus. No one would think that the house they rented was the very house that Rano’s late parents formerly lived in.

There was a rusted ambulance in front of the house, which was full of dried bloodstains and was covered with a car cover. This abandoned minibus was haunted by the unseen.

A lot of scary events had happened to them since they moved in the house. Rano suspected that the ambulance had an evil curse of the devil, which was continuing to prey on anyone who had the family relationship with him.

Rano was in a desperate situation because he had to face a lot of terrors. Some images of the past flashed across his mind. As he couldn’t recall all the events in his childhood, he begged his grandmother to tell him what had happened to his parents. Finally His grandma, Widya, told him the misfortune befell his family.

Rano decided to wipe out the curse of the haunted ambulance in his own way, though he had to sacrifice himself. He was so upset that three of his good friends had become the victims.

Suzanna died a few months after starring in “The House of Ambulance Ghost”. Is there any connection between Suzanna’s death and the ambulance ghost? Only God knows.


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