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In South Jakarta, the strange house on Dharmawangsa Road is still standing. It’s so luxurious and looks good. While you’re passing by, your sixth sense might detect that there is something wrong with the feng shui of the house.

The inhabitants living in that housing complex often smell the aroma of boiled potatoes. Sometimes they hear the cries of a kid coming from inside the house. Especially at night, the smell of sweet potatoes becomes stronger.

The house has been left empty for years. Some expatriates rented it, but they didn’t live there too long. Perhaps they couldn’t stand the ghosts that liked to make fun of them.

It doesn’t mean a large and expensive house is safe and free from evil. It is said that a kid fell into a very big cauldron for boiling potatoes. The water was so hot and it boiled the kid like a chicken. That’s why the neighbours often hear the shouts for help in a quiet night.

Rumour has it a housemaid was sick of the naughty kid, so she caught the child and threw him in the big cauldron. Another rumour is that a young mother was so careless and let her baby slipped out of her arm and fell into the cauldron while she was cooking potatoes. People also said that a bakso vendor often smelled the aroma of cooked potatoes when he was passing the empty house in the evening.

As the story of this potato house is so popular, it inspired the Hitmakers Studios and Jose Purnomo the film director to make a horror movie called Rumah Kentang (Potato House). The film starred Shandy Aulia, Tasya Kamila, Gilang Dirgahari, Medina and Ki Kusumo. It was released for the public to see in 2012.

Many of the scenes were filmed in that potato house. Some of the actors and actresses felt the aura of mystery while the shooting was taking place.

Ki Kusumo said that he had sensed the supernatural energy and a great anger at the film shooting location.

“I saw a kid and a few incorporeal spirits in the house,” said Ki Kusumo.

Ki Kusumo is a mystic and always claims that he has supernatural powers and is able to see the past and future. His admirers said that their guru was able to visit the world of the unseen beings. He is also a kungfu master and his combat skills are as powerful as Bruce Lee’s fighting techniques. The left punch will send you to hospital and the right fist is strong enough to strike the enemy to hell.

Another actor also felt something unusual when he was in the house. He told his counterparts that he smelled the smell of washed potatoes while he was going to the toilet. He believes that ghosts really exist after having such an experience.

The horror story of the Potato House movie begins with a group of college students who rented a house often acted as they wished, such as playing a jaelangkung game, performing a ritual of combing their hair in front of a mirror at midnight and so on.

Three years later, Farah who was in college at Melbourne got the news that her mother had passed away. She had to return to Jakarta to keep company with her sister.

Farah inherited her late mother’s luxurious house, but she was surprised to know that it was the potato house. Her sister, Rika, was so sad after their mother’s death. She became more nervous because they would move into the haunted house.

As Farah worried about Rika’s health, she tried to convince her that everything would be alright.

After they lived in the house, a series of strange things happened to them. One evening, the evil spirit came to bother Rika who was alone in her room. Rika was extremely frightened and shocked. Her heart pumped like a water pump, as if moving water from a hundred meter deep well. She wasn’t tough enough to suffer the burning sensation in her chest and went into a deep coma and should be taken to hospital for emergency treatment.

Farah’s boyfriend, Arman, came to keep her company and brought some flowers to cheer her up. He didn’t believed what Farah told him. He thought his girlfriend had a lot of stress caused by problems. After experiencing so many unfortunate incidents, they made up their mind to call a paranormal expert.

The paranormal expert recommended that they should leave the house as soon as possible. As Farah wanted to sell the house, she planned to find another solution.

Arman and Farah were at a loss and they decided to communicate with the guardian of the house through a Jelangkung ritual. In the ritual, they finally knew that the cauldron in the kitchen was the root of all evil.

Arman advised Farah to throw the cauldron away. Farah did what Arman told her to do. After the cauldron was removed, the house became peaceful. Rika who was lying in bed recovered from coma.

After selling their house, Arman proposed to Farah and they lived with their sister peacefully.

The child ghost wanted to take revenge as he hated the people who threw away his cauldron. Arman was killed by the child ghost. Farah saw her husband lay lifeless on the floor. She was panicked and ran away with her sister.

Farah and Rika were very shocked that the taxi they took had no driver and it brought them back to the potato house. Both of them died at the hands of the evil spirit.


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