If you’re an antique collector, you should visit Triwindu market in Solo. It is located on Diponegoro road.  It sells a huge number of antiques such as wooden and stone statues, ancient currencies, old weapons, radios, televisions, puppets, housewares, clocks, refrigerators, etc. It is the antique centre in Surakarta City.

In the year 1939, Triwindu market was built to commemorate the 24-year reign of Mangkunegarawan VII. However, the market wasn’t well maintained for so long. The market was renovated and redesigned after Mr. Joko Widodo won the presidential election.

It is so interesting and joyful to visit Triwindu market. Looking at the antiques, it feels as if we were back to the olden days. It’s one of the crowded tourist attractions in Solo and is usually visited by domestic and international antique collectors.

It’s very likely to buy a supercheap ancient vase and sell it at extremely high price at London Auctions. You’ll be very rich instantly and live a luxurious life that you have ever dreamed for years.

Triwindu market opens from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. It’s a Javanese traditional style wooden building. Inside the building, there are 275 stores on the first and second floors. The first floor is dominated by antique stores. Besides antiques, there’re a few stores that sell used car and motorbike parts on the second floor. Some people like buying old motorbikes used by German soldiers in World War II.

Image by Jaime Perez from Pixabay

The market has management office, musalla, toilets, place of loading and unloading goods and parking lot.

Not all the things sold at Triwindu market are the real antiques. Whenever you buy an antique, don’t be shy to ask the seller more information about it. Buyers should have a keen eye for detail, so that they will be able to differentiate the true antiques from the replicas. Prices may vary due to the ages, histories and conditions of the antiques.

The prices are negotiable and you may ask for a 50% discount. In the marketplace, you can barter for antiques by offering something valuable. Everything is discussable if both sides have met the agreement.

Over the period of 1970 - 1990, a lot of buyers from different countries came to Triwindu market. The antiques they bought were creeses, statues and sculptures. The collectors were mostly from Nederland, England and Australia.

From 1990 to 2000, the antiquers came to look for vintage crystal lamps or old fashioned household furniture. After the year 2000 till now, the market is usually visited by domestic collectors from different places of Indonesia. Antique trends change over the years, depending on the demands of the customers.

Collecting antiques is one of the popular hobbies. A great many antique lovers go around the world to search for things that have already reached the age of hundreds of years. Some antiques have very scary and bloody stories. It’s possible that the item you bought is haunted and possesses a terrible curse.

Let me tell you a story of a haunted conjure chest. 150 years ago, there was a man called Jacob Cooley. One day, he asked his slave to make a chest for his first child. Hosea, the slave obeyed his master’s order and did his best to get it done. Jacob Cooley was so unsatisfied with the work done by Hosea, and then he beat him to death.

Another slave wanted to take revenge on Jacob who killed his friend. Therefore, he performed a voodoo ritual and sprinkled owl’s blood and cast a deadly curse on the chest. He vowed that he would try his best to bring a mysterious malady to his enemy’s family.

There was a series of horrible events occurred in the Cooley family, at least 17 deaths among the family members. Annie, a conjure woman helped clean the evil spell. Soon after the curse was lifted, Annie died in the early September.

After the curse had been broken, the family members never stored anything in the chest and it was kept hidden in the attic. There wasn’t any strange thing happened again and the Cooley family lived happily and peacefully.

Mrs. Mayne donated the chest to the museum in 1976. Now, the bloody conjure chest resides in the Kentucky History Museum, Frankfort, USA.


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