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There’s a small island in Belitung Regency, which has become the destination of domestic and international tourists. It isn’t too far from the coast of Tanjung Pandan Town.

If you sit on Tanjung Pendam beach at sunset, you can clearly see the Kalimuak Island without the help of binoculars.

You should hire a motorboat to cross the sea and it needs only 30 minutes to arrive at Kalimuak Island. It’s so enjoyable to sail on the water while the weather is fine and the sea is calm.

If you’re at the community forest of Juru Seberang, you can go to Kalimuak on foot while it is low tide. When the sea water is getting higher, you should leave the island and go back as soon as possible.

At the time you set foot on the dock, you’ll see a Chinese style gate. On the right of the gate, there’s a gazebo with table and chairs.

Visitors can walk on stone steps that lead them to the top of the hill, where there’s a white pavilion-like building with mosquito net.

A cylindrical concrete structure that is 70 cm tall and 60 cm in diameter sits in the middle of the pavilion-like building and it is covered with black cloth. It’s unknown what the function of such mysterious thing is.

A great many of Chinese people believe that it’s a sacred thing. Joss sticks can be found by the side of this tube shaped structure. Whoever hugs this sacred thing will be very lucky and it’s likely that all his or her dreams will come true.

Afterwards, you’ll find that there’s an old pillar inherited from Dutch colonization. It is twelve meters high and it has the immense historical value.

Leaving the pillar, you’ll see an old building that looks like a pyramid. Everyone can go inside the old building through the door. Climbing plants grow over the old building, so it looks very yucky.

There’s an ancient Moslem grave not very far from the old building. Another old grave can be seen on the other side, but no one knows whose grave it is. There is also another Moslem tomb near that location and it has the name Datuk Raden Saleh Pata.

Walking downward, you’ll see something that looks like a square well and it is around 3 meters deep. You’ll be surprised to see that the inside of this strange and mysterious well is quite wide. It’s unclear what the use of this strange structure built in the ground.

Kalimuak Island is indeed an ideal place for recreation. The air is fresh and the environment is clean. You may do some yoga postures that will strengthen your muscles and purify your soul through a mindfulness meditation. Everybody feels that doing yoga in the open air is much better than indoor practice.

If you like fishing, you can fish in the sea and I’m sure you’ll catch a basketful of fish. It is so exciting to roast fish over a charcoal fire. The smell is so sweet and it will stimulate your appetite. Therefore, you are able to eat two or three plates of cooked rice with tasty roasted fish plus soybean sauce and red pepper.

After returning home, it’s a good idea to write down all your activities on Kalimuak Island in the diary. Brew a cup of aromatic coffee and enjoy yourself after you finish writing it.


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