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Bagansiapiapi or Baganapi is the capital of Rokan Hilir Regency, Riau Province. It is a beautiful place to visit and was formerly known as the second world class fish producer. The inhabitants have a great interest in swallow nest. Visitors can see swallow birdhouses everywhere and Bagansiapiapi has turned into a swallow-house town.

There are six routes you can take whenever you go to Bagansiapiapi. It is said that these roads are very eerie because a lot of homeless spirits like roaming along the ways on Friday Kliwon night. Perhaps you’ll see a wandering soul waving at you in the moonlight while you are passing. Not all the people can see ghosts. If you see that, you will probably win the lottery.

Although it spreads by word of mouth, many people still take the advice that they should be very careful while they’re driving at those spooky places. It is advisable that the drivers honk their horns, so they won’t hit any careless spirits unintentionally.

Lenggadai Hilir
Lenggadai Hilir road is quite sloppy and bumpy. Bushes, wild plants and banyan trees grow on the either side of the road. It is near the cemetery and people always get goosebumps while passing by.

It is said that a couple who ran their food stall (warung) experienced some supernatural occurrences. Some drivers who stopped by his warung were also bothered by the unseen.

Strange things often happened at dawn time. Sometimes, the warung owners were frightened by the tape recorder that turned on by itself. Very often, a ghost revealed herself by showing a long shadow on the wall.

A weird voice often called their daughter’s name at midnight. The couple were very worried to see their daughter’s unusual behavior. The husband said he wanted to have a look at the ghost that disturbed his daughter every evening.

Rumor has it that a female vampire likes to knock at a car’s window glass at midnight. Dump truck drivers often see their turn signals blinking automatically. Sometimes the rear-view mirror might show the driver that a long haired pontianak is hanging herself behind his truck.

The sharp bend at the cemetery
Some people call it the sweet curve and no body knows the origin of this name. It’s about 20 kilometers from the cemetery.

Only a few people pass there and it’s so quiet at night. We should drive slowly to avoid something bad happens.

The locals say that a lot of accidents occurred and caused loss of life as some drivers drove too fast and couldn’t control their vehicles. The evil spirits aren’t the souls of the dead people, but they’re the jinn of Satan. In Genesis, God created the Devil to deceive human beings. Rumor has it the ghosts at the location take the shape of white shadows when they reveal themselves in the dark.

The Goosebumps Bridge
 It was a wooden bridge in 1980s. It is said that a woman was killed and thrown in the bushes near that bridge. Since then, the location has been haunted and it’s so spooky. Some inhabitants have seen a ghost hovering over the Goosebumps Bridge. A driver saw a woman ghost sitting beside the bridge. He fainted away because he was too scared.

The Jumrah Bridge
A pedicab driver saw a woman and her child walking on the bridge in the evening. Both disappeared in just a single blink. The old man fell sick after going home.

A young guy who passed the bridge heard the cries of a girl. While he switched on his flashlight, the girl closed her face with both hands. All of a sudden, the wind blew hard and the temperature turned cold. The young guy was so frightened and ran away as fast as a dog.

The road to the Rooster Monument
It is five kilometers long and scrubs grow on the either side of this road. A taxi driver was scared to death as his passenger sitting behind him disappeared after passing the Rooster Monument. She left a heavy smell of frangipani flower.

The Teluk Berembun Road
You should be very careful and take full concentration while you’re passing this road, especially at night. If you’re careless, your car might fall into the river or hits another car from the opposite side.

It is believed that the Teluk Berembun Road was formerly an ancient forest. There was a city of supernatural beings. Drivers sometimes have the experience that their car engines suddenly choke hard and finally stop running. The pungent odor of incense fills the air of that place.

Every country has its own creepy stories and it is very interesting to hear the locals tell their urban legends. There are still a huge number of strange and mysterious things in this universe. It’s so unbelievable and hard to explain scientifically.


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