Image by Riza Nugraha from Singapore, Singapore - Floating Umbrella, CC BY 2.0

There’s a beautiful lake in the middle of Kakaban Island. This is a very unique lake that has its own attractiveness. Millions of stingless jellyfish live in this 390 ha brackish water.

Four species of jellyfish have been trapped in this marine lake for millions of years and they’ve evolved in isolation. As there aren’t any predators in the lake, the jellyfish have gradually lost their ability to sting.

You can only find this endemic biota on Kakaban Island, East Kalimantan and Palau Island, Micronesia. There are moon, box, upside down and silly jellyfish altogether. The silly jellyfish that has the combination of transparent and brown color dominates the lake.

You are allowed to swim and touch the jellyfish. Don’t use swim fin because you might tear the jellyfish’s bodies. Jumping into the water from the wooden dock will hurt the jellyfish too. The jellyfish can’t survive without water, so release it the sooner the better after you take it out of the water.

Besides jellyfish, you can also find the other marine invertebrates living in this lake such as mollusks, crustaceans and sea cucumbers. There’re the carnivorous snakes in the lake, but they aren’t venomous.

The fish living in Kakaban Lake are small, such as mudskipper, seahorse, garfish, scorpion fish, etc.

As it is a fertile axe shaped atoll, mangroves grow densely on Kakaban Island. There are various types of mangroves that might attract botanists’ attention.

Before reaching the lake, the tourists should walk through the wooded area. It is very cool and shady and everything is still natural. There’re a lot of unusual trees, which probably cannot be found in other places.

The wonderful plants that grow in the woods of Kakaban Island are Ipil, Asin-asin, ligayan, Puut, Bullung-bullung, etc. There are still dozens of them, but not all the plants have been given the unique names.

Visitors should walk on the staircase that leads them to the jellyfish lake. There’s a photo spot where they can take photos from a certain height. The blue color of the lake water and the panorama of the woodland are really amazing.

This is indeed the ideal place to spend your vacation. The gentle blow of the breeze and the beautiful view of nature give the utmost comfort to all of the visitors sitting by the lake.

Although there is no hotel on Kakaban Island, you can find some tourist resorts that aren’t very far from the island. The Green Nirvana Maratua Resort is 8.2 kilometers from Kakaban Island. This eco green resort uses recyclable materials, which meets the ISO quality standards and are friendly to the environment.

While staying at Green Nirvana Maratua Resort, tourists usually walk on the white sand beach in the warm sunshine. It is near the airport and the transport service is excellent. You can also enjoy eating tasty seafood and traditional food and drink.

Every location has its own uniqueness and it’s of course a good opportunity for travelers to explore whenever they have time. The more we are closer to nature, the more we feel that it’s necessary to keep the environment clean.


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