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Raja Ampat is the regency of West Papua Province and it’s literally means the Four Kings. We have to set foot in Sorong town before we reach Raja Empat islands.

The tourists usually go there by plane. After arriving at Sorong, they take the express ship that operates twice a day to Waisai, the principal town of Raja Ampat Regency. It’s only a 2 to 3 hour journey from Sorong to Waisai harbor.

Raja Ampat is a group of coral islands and it has four biggest islands. The Waigeo, Batanta, Salawati and Misool are the main islands. Most of the islanders living in the islands of Raja Ampat are fishermen.

The waters of Raja Ampat is the main beauty and it is one of the best in the world. It is based on the observations of the riches of flora and fauna and its marine sustainability.

An international conservation organization has stated that the waters of Raja Ampat owns around 75% of marine species of the world. Moreover, the land and sea of Raja Ampat, which covers the area of 4.6 million hectares, becomes the home of 540 types of corals, 1.511 species of fish and thousands of endemic biotas. As it has all the advantages, Raja Ampat deserves to be the most beautiful heaven of the marine biotas in the world.

Raja Ampat islands possess the attractive beaches. It feels like stepping on the flour while we’re walking on the white sand. The cool wind that blows and the screams of seabirds make everyone feel relax and a little sleepy.

Besides, there’re a lot of high cliff islands. Some islands like Teluk Kabui, Piaynemo and Wayag has been known internationally before it becomes famous in their own country.

The tropical forests provide a great number of interesting things that tourists can explore. You can see the Cenderawasih birds in Saporkrein and Sawinggrai villages. Cenderawasih is the rare bird, which is often called the Paradise Bird.

Raja Ampat also has the unique traditional arts and culture. Some of the villages have claimed themselves the tour village. The Arborek village, which is located on a small island, owns a lot of arts such as traditional dances, Sinole sago food and the wicker craft of pandanus leaves. Every village has its own uniqueness and beauty.

There are a lot of historical relics on these islands, which have a close connection with Tidore sultanate of Maluku. Historical remains of World War II and the caves with ancient carvings can be easily found. Observing all the value of the heritage is an endless process, that’s why Raja Ampat is so well known and worth visiting.

The Peak of Piaynemo is a must visit place for tourists. It is a conservation area and visitors are advised not to throw garbage in the wrong place. Some people have the habit of throwing banana peels on the floor, in the street or in the river.

The tourists should walk up the 320 stone steps to reach the peak of Piaynemo. It’s quite comfortable to breathe in the unpolluted air and walk in the shades of the trees. It’s a good physical exercise and many people like it.

The panorama is really outstanding. The coral islands form a circle that looks like a lagoon in the blue sea. It’ll be a valuable memory in your life and don’t forget to take some photos. Show your love ones the best photos after returning to your country.


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