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 Long ago, there lived a widow and her daughter on a hill far away from the village. Life was hard and they could only live from hand to mouth.

The daughter was pretty and she was very proud of herself. However, she was lazy and never helped her mother do the housework.

Not only was she lazy, but she was a spoiled brat as well. She often asked her mom to buy expensive clothes and didn't care that her mother had to work very hard to make money. She often refused when her mom asked her to go to the rice field together.

One day, the widow wanted her daughter to accompany her to the market. It was a long way and they should walk for hours.

The daughter walked in front of her mother and wore nice clothes. Everyone couldn't help looking at her and praised that she was charming.

The widow walked behind her daughter, carrying a big vegetable basket on her back and dressed like a housemaid.

As they lived far away from the village, nobody knew their lifestyle. Some young guys approached the young lady and wanted to be friend with her. The villagers didn't know the old woman standing behind was the mother.

"Hi Miss. Who's the old woman behind you?" A young man asked, "Is she your mother?"

"Of course not," replied the young lady.
"She's my housemaid," she continued.

Along the way, people asked the same question and the young lady also gave the same answer. She treated her mom as a housemaid.

At first, the mother could still endure the pain whenever she heard what her daughter said. Suddenly, the widow sat by the roadside and tears rolled down her cheeks.

"Mom, why do you stop? Shouldn't we go to the market?"

The daughter asked several times but there was no reply. The mother raised her hands and looked in the sky. It seemed that the widow was saying something that caused her daughter to feel puzzle.

"What are you doing, mom?" asked the daughter.

The mother didn't answer and kept on saying her words.

"My Lord, please forgive me. I fail to educate my daughter and she becomes so disrespectful. Please punish her now!"

Suddenly, the sky turned dark. Flashes of lightning appeared in the clouds and the rain began to fall.

The pretty girl’s body became stiff and half of her body turned into stone. She was very scared and cried to beg for mercy

“Help me Mom.” The girls cried, “What happens to my legs?”
“Forgive me! I promise to be a good girl,” she begged for pardon.

The girl kept crying and asked her mother to forgive her, but it was too late. Her body slowly turned into hard stone. She regretted what she had done to her mother and cried unceasingly.

Before her head turned into stone, the mother saw tears roll down her cheeks. Everybody standing in that area became the eyewitnesses of this strange happening. At last, her whole body completely transformed into a big stone.

Though she already became a big stone, tears still fell out of her eyes as if the stone was crying. Therefore, the villagers called her the crying stone.

The crying stone still exists until now and people can still see tears falling out of her eyes.


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