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Seminyak is one of the most favorable tropical beaches in the world. It is located on Bali Island and people usually go there on weekends. It is indeed an ideal location for tourists to spend their vacations with family members, friends and relatives.

The locals also call it Dhyanapura Beach and it is quieter than other beaches in Bali. Some people like a quiet place to sit and admire the beautiful view of nature. Sometimes, it’s comfortable to stay at an uncrowded place.

While you’re traveling to Seminyak Beach, you’ll find that there’re a lot of street vendors selling food and drink. That location is called the Eating Street as most tourists are fond of eating food at the roadside. It has another sensation to eat outdoors while the weather is fine.

Seminyak Beach is famous for its white and clean sand. It is so enjoyable to put off our sandals and walk barefoot along the beach. It stimulates the reflex points on the sole and that’s why ancient people were healthier.

The shape of the coastline is rather sloping and visitors can do a lot of activities, such as swimming, sunbathing or walking along the beach. It’s time to relieve stress and anxiety and forget all the burdens of life.

At noon, you’ll see people sitting in sun chairs under the big umbrellas. Some take a nap, some read books or magazines and some look at the seagulls flying in the sky above the blue sea. Tourists can also pay someone for a massage. Drinking coconut water after body massage is quicker to restore strength.

Manicure and pedicure are available at considerable prices. Besides, souvenirs and accessories can be bought from peddlers. Travelers like to buy some for their loved ones. My friend is fond of keeping souvenirs in his study so that he can recall the wonderful moment he has spent on the heavenly beach.

Seminyak Beach is situated on the southwest coast of Bali Island. Although it has big waves, it’s quite safe to windsurf in the daytime. There’re quite a number of places where people can rent surfboards. Generally, people pay for the boards hourly and it’s cheaper for local travelers.

It is also well known for its outstanding panorama, so that people are happy to stay there at sunset. Though it’s still hot, the temperature and atmosphere is a little different and it’s too hard to describe by pen.

Restaurants, cafes and bars can be found near the beach and all have the international standard. When evening comes, the area is brightened with colorful lights. Everything turns to be more dramatic than it is in the daytime.

There’re the hotels and villas for tourists who would like to stay overnight. In fact, it is a good idea to build wooden houses with thatched roofs. Many people from big cities are fond of staying in a simple wooden house while they are on vacation. It is more exiting and natural than staying in a five-star hotel or luxurious villa.

Seminyak Beach is located in Seminyak village, Kuta sub-district, Badung Bali Regency. Visitors don’t need to buy entrance ticket and they only pay for car park. You can freely play on the beach until you feel bored.

Spa massage therapy is also popular and it is enjoyable to have the traditional spa treatment to prevent from illnesses. Volcano stone, foot reflexology, acupuncture and cupping therapies are well liked by tourists.

The beach is open for everyone 24 hours a day and the nightlife starts at midnight. You can visit some night clubs and cafes to have a wonderful experience during your visit in Bali.


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